Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Skiers

(Token picture of me risking camera loss doing a self portrait on the chair lift with Carmen.)

I call this the $500 picture because it was on our last day, which was freezing, and we only skied till noon, but at least I got this picture of Steven. I hardly skied with Steven at all, partly because he likes different terrain with his snowboard, and partly because he is better than me, but mostly because he met up with friends on the hill and spent all his time with them.

Chloe added poles to her ski skills this year.

Jaclyn and I staged this picture: I skied ahead and then turned around to catch her as she went past me. Normally she's ahead and then turns around and waits for me.

Carmen had the most fun in the trees and doing jumps, but she was also pretty pleased to really get 'parallel' this year.

The real reason we bring Ken along (kidding!).
Ken and I hardly skied together at all - we took alternating turns skiing with the younger and older kids. The one morning we hit the slopes together was a very foggy one: I didn't even try to take a picture.


Kelly said...

That looks so cold, so even though I can't imagine how it's fun, it does look like you are having a great time!

Mrs.N said...

Fun trip! camille is wondering what you use poles for!! I don't her I have no idea!

michelle said...

You got some good shots! We're not skiers, but it looks like a great family time.