Friday, 25 February 2011

The Accommodations

We got home early this evening from a week skiing in Whitefish, MT. I grew up skiing at Big Mountain which makes bringing my own kids that much more fun. The night before we left home Jaclyn and Steven were looking through old pictures and found a few photos in a row of them as small children always posing in what we are now calling *The Crouching Tiger*. They thought the group shot on the first day was the right time to bring the pose back.

My parents used to own a time-share at Ptarmigan village, and though there are many places to stay on the mountain, we always rent there. We landed a 2-bedroom condo for $149/night with access to the newly renovated pool and internet hot-spot in the laundry building (Ken made a few trips to answer work emails). All that and nostalgia, to boot!

The decor in the condo was fairly typical of Ptarmigan, but with a heavier-than-usual emphasis on moose and wolf themed bedding, stencilling, art, knick-knacks . . . after a few days Chloe said to me that the owners must be Native American.

But the big feature was the Jack-a-lope.
(It was covered by a black garbage bag when we walked in the door - presumably the previous renters were offended.)

We took a more practical approach.


michelle said...

I love the crouching tiger pose! And the jack-a-lope is just hilarious.

a happy heart blog. said...

Love the fun photo of everyone! That jack-o-lope would freak me out a bit too!

Marie said...

Ah, the condo. So many great memories.

Tiffany said...

What fun times! How great to have everyone big enough to ski together.

(I may have left the bag on--it looks too cute to be on the wall!)

Kelly said...

It cracks me up that somebody covered it up with a bag. Although the staircase totally terrified me, I miss the cabin!