Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's all here in pink & white

Heart-shaped orange rolls - I got this idea via Be Different, Act Normal (on my sidebar).

Homemade Valentines with fun scratch-off stickers. Funny story: Chloe made these with her cousin Erica and one of Erica's got mixed up into Chloe's pile (totally my fault) so on Valentine's Day at school Chloe heard one of her classmates say, "Who's Erica?"

Carmen's button corsage.

Steven's lunch for the Box Lunch Social at school.
(Jaclyn loved this giant stuffy - she carried it around all evening on the 13th.)

Chloe's quick Valentine's hair-do (it was a bit of a rushed morning).


Mrs.N said...

Ok. That giant stuffy is awesome!! I wanna know what price the girl had to pay for it!!

Jill said...

It looks like a rather festive day. The homemade scratch-off stickers would go over huge with Whitney. How do you make those?

lelly said...

it's all so sweet! i <3 it!

michelle said...

Oh my goodness, the heart braids! Love them. And the button corsage. I never would have thought to make heart-shaped rolls, either. Looks like you guys celebrated in style.

Marie said...

SCRATCH OFF STICKERS??? Must post the instructions for those. It is the best idea ever. Please, please, share.

I have a friend who is hosting a 'mystery party' for her daughter's birthday. She, I'm sure, would love to use this idea.

Katie A. said...

Very festive, indeed! Those orange rolls look yummy!

Mrs.N said...

"SOOOOO FLUFFFY!!!!" (Agnes, Despicable Me.)