Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Party

I'm actually in a little bit of trouble that I didn't blog about this FIRST when we got home from Montana. Carmen turned 12 on our last morning in Whitefish, so the night before we invited some of her friends (vacationing with their own families nearby) to come have a birthday party on holidays. It was certainly an effective way to keep the guest list to a manageable size!

Ptarmigan has a swimming pool, which was at the centre of the party. Here we have the girls in the sauna. Chloe was worried about going in the sauna and then back in the pool because her school teacher has told her something about releasing toxins in the sauna and then polluting the pool with them?

Chloe was game to pose for the camera in its underwater debut!

It was crazy cold out, but the older girls still braved the outdoor hot tub. They probably spent more time there than in the recreation pool.

Ready? On 3!

Carmen turned the camera on herself.

The party ended with presents and pizza and all the girls working together to decorate the cake. (Not photographed)
(Instead I'm including a photo of Carmen learning cake decorating at a RS meeting in February.)


Mrs.N said...

She pointed out to us that she'll be in the States for her half B-day. Or maybe it was Mark who pointed it out!! Hope she LOVED YW today!

Tiffany said...

How many ladies share your name and make wonderful chocolates? I was listening to an Everything Creative (MormonRadio) episode (#37) about Cake Decorating. The host interviewed Laurlee M. about her cake business. She mentioned a friend Barb that taught her how to make chocolates. Is that you or another Barb? :)

Marie said...

How great that some of her friends happened to be there just then? Very handy for a party!

Kelly said...

Avery was thrilled to know Carmen is into cake decorating, too!

michelle said...

A swim party is always great fun. How fun for them to get to decorate the cake!