Monday, 20 September 2010

Keep your eyes on Bulldogs #10

This is the first year Steven's games have been available online to watch the film at home.  I'm liking that I can share them with an 'embed' option.

Steven plays Cornerback.  Skip forward to 2min50secs where Steven took the feet out from under the ball carrier for the Stampeders.

Against the Eagles Steven was a game-day captain, not that I can pick him out in the coin toss at the beginning.  Skip forward to 11min50secs for Steven's best play of the game.  Or watch the whole game - it was a good one!

The only problem with football film is that other teams watch Steven's team film and it seems like the better Steven gets the less likely the opposing team is to send a play to his side of the field.  It's like he's working himself out of a job!


Marie said...

So athletic! I am baffled by how many sports you play and play well. Crazy!

Katie A. said...

Way to go! That's funny that the games go high-tech (on line videos) and immediately get used as research by the other teams. Very smart!