Friday, 1 October 2010

Five for Friday

1.  I hurt my hand at work this week and now I almost can't grip a door nob to open a door. Cutting Chloe's breakfast for her this morning was a challenge. On Wednesday I had two patients who hadn't had their teeth cleaned in more than 10 years.  Some people get away with that sort of thing - they didn't. And for some reason I wasn't getting anywhere with the ultrasonics so it was all hand scaling.  3 1/2 hours of hand scaling tenacious black calculus. Ken's going for a bike ride today, but there's no way I can go with him.  I wouldn't be able to use the right break. (I'm thinking that could be a problem.)

2.  Carmen had her first playing exam in band this week. She tells me she probably did the best of everyone; that there was a stunned silence after her turn from everyone including the teacher. The girl has had an unfair advantage with her long-time access to the flute through Jaclyn. Actually, Jaclyn and Carmen are going to try to even the playing field, at least for the flute section. Starting this Monday some of Carmen's flute friends are coming over for a weekly (free!) flute clinic. Very generous of Jaclyn with her time, and generous of Carmen to share Jaclyn I think. Steven and Chloe will also benefit - I'm sure the quality of the after school snack will improve on Mondays with extra guests coming over.

3.  On Tuesday I was elected (uncontended - is it still an election?) secretary for the high school parent council. There was a major turn-over of officers which turns out to be a lot of work for the secretary. I've had to do all the paperwork to transfer banking authority to the new officers etc. The really crazy thing about accepting this position is that the meetings are on Tuesday night - our church youth activity night. And Ken is first counsellor in YM's.  So it seems kind of stupid that I'm taking on the commitment of attending all the meetings in their entirety (I've got to do the minutes). But I don't know, I feel very strongly that I need to be involved in school this way to both contribute and be an influence. These are times of changing values in schools and I think I need to be there.

4.  Back in the spring I donated 'sewing scout badges' to the RS service auction. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but the badge sewing was cashed in this week, and now I think it was brilliant. Service is rarely a service of the giver's choice. I'll sew badges over clean someone else's house/fridge/garage/yard any time.

5.  Chloe had another tonsillitis/ear infection/shot of antibiotics last week. It's been a rough year - six times in 2010. On Monday I'm taking her to our family doctor and begging for an ENT referral. I want those tonsils out!


Marie said...

Oh, your poor hand! Crazy that the ultrasonics weren't working. Could he not have broken it up into several sessions, instead of one marathon? Yikes!

I hope Chloe gets her ENT visit soon. It is no fun to be sick, or to have sick kids, so often!

Elizabeth said...

Hope your hand heals fast. Have a good weekend!

Jill said...

Oh dear, multiple patients with 10 years worth of gunk on their teeth...did you gag?

What a gift that your children are so musical and that you've fostered their talents so well.

Congratulations on becoming the secretary, I hope the rewards outweigh the work involved. It is wise that you're looking to be an influence for good in an area that will affect so many.

Sewing scout badges is a great service!

Whitney hasn't had any bouts of tonsillitis, but her tonsils are HUGE and she snores so I think they need to come out.

Kelly said...

That is disturbing that you have sustained an injury because people didn't brush their teeth for a collective 20 years. Who says, "I'm only hurting myself!"? Hope you heal quickly!

I didn't realize Carmen was playing the flute -- good for her! I think that's what Emerson has her sights set on when band or orchestra starts in a couple years.

I am the secretary for Brynlee & Avery's parent council. I hope your experience goes better than mine has so far. I just keep reminding myself that I did this to myself. It has been horrendous. Inefficient meetings (last week it was 4 hours -- just the executive council), and an unimaginable amount of drama that I am staying out of, but still have to take notes on. But, I do feel a need to be involved, too. We'll see how that need manifests itself next year.

I have never sewed on a scout badge, but I have heard enough people complaining about it, that I'm sure whoever won your service was thrilled.

Poor Chloe! :(

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Whoa. What a week. I hope your hand heals quickly. Made me want to brush my teeth just hearing about your scenario.

What a great idea to donate sewing scout badges on. They are a nuisance, are they not?