Sunday, 1 November 2009

Dreams can come true, it can happen to you

Last Sunday night I had a dream that Chloe and Carmen were singing a duet, accompanied by Jaclyn. It wasn't difficult to figure out where the dream came from: earlier that day we'd had our Primary Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation and Carmen and Chloe each sang a solo part in the music. In my dream Jaclyn accompanied because she's Jaclyn and I don't know why else.
At breakfast I shared my dream with the little girls (Jaclyn was already gone to school) and Chloe's response was, "But it wasn't a true dream."
Later that morning I opened my email and found a request from our Ward Music Chairperson asking if Carmen and Chloe would sing a Christmas duet in December. I guess we had the same dream, probably for the same reasons. Well, Carmen and Chloe couldn't believe it, but they turned immediately to making dream requests that we 'live in the country' and 'have a horse' and 'have an amusement park in our backyard'. I haven't been able to dream any of those things (let alone dream them into life).

Thinking of Jaclyn accompanying, I haven't blogged about something she did in seminary a couple of weeks ago. She usually plays the piano for the opening song, and right before she played that morning the seminary teacher bemoaned how high and difficult he finds the hymns to sing. So she transposed the hymn. On the spot. On the fly. As she played. (This should blow your mind right about now.) It is really something else. It doesn't just mean playing all the notes lower, it means changing the key which means changing the sharps or flats. I can do it if I have a piece of staff-lined paper and a pencil and half an hour, but I can't do it by ear - by ear and while looking at the wrong/higher notes! Jaclyn seems to think I'm overly impressed because according to her, it was a hymn she knows really well.


Marie said...

Dirk wants me to tell you he is happy you are 'young at heart.'

And as for Jaclyn? Yes, it is totally impressive. But can I just add that I am also totally unsurprised? I've just come to the point where I acknowledge there is nothing she cannot do, being the astounding young woman that she is, and leave it at that.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Whhhooooooooaaaaaaaa. I am impressed. I'm impressed that you can do it with a piece of note paper and a pencil, too. Oh, to have Jaclyn in the congregation.

What song did you dream up for the girls?

lelly said...

i can't even transpose with pencil and eraser and paper in a nice quiet place with no interruptions

(and, it's a good thing that i wasn't eating cake with blue icing, because Dirk's comment about being "young at heart" made me laugh out loud.)

cheetah said...

That is a gift Jaclyn. A great one. Good for you!

And that dream/duet thing is really funny. How fun for the girls!

Christy said...

I too am totally impressed Jaclyn. I've always wished i could transpose on the fly, but I'm more like you Barb - need the pencil and paper. Definitely a gift.

a happy heart blog. said...

You have one talented daughter - which I know you already know! That is amazing, I am so impressed!

As for the Christmas duet - how neat is that!

Now, how about a piano duet with mom and Jaclyn?!

Denise said...

No, you're not overly impressed. You are exactly as impressed as you should be, because most people will never, ever be able to transpose in their head like that. I know I can't, 14 yrs of piano and music degree notwithstanding. She is one talented girl!

Could you do me a favor and dream about me fitting into my skinny jeans tonight?

Kelly said...

I don't think there's any such thing as being overly impressed where Jaclyn is concerned. Wow! Beautiful picture of her, too.

Fun that your dream came true! Mine are usually wacky enough that I hope they don't.

Marissa said...

That's actually so awesome! we need jaclyn in our seminary! nobody sings cause it is always WAY to high! lol. Bravo.

Natalie said...

I'm in awe. The only transposing I do is with the aid of a computer, and even then I've only done that a very few times. Wow!

Last night I dreamt that Blake had a loose tooth, but tonight after his bath, I inspected and there were none. I am fairly confident that this dream will come true, I'll just have to be patient! ;)

Price Cream Parlor said...

How fantastic! What a talent!!!

Amanda L. said...

Amazing. It will be awesome to see what she does wit her great musical gift.

Crazy to have your dream come true!

michelle said...

WOW! I wish you would dream that I could transpose like that! A seriously useful talent.