Sunday, 8 November 2009

Have to look at my pictures to see where I've been

I remember my dad laughing about a friend who went on vacation and spent the whole trip behind his camera. He told my dad that he had to come home and watch his own slide show to see where he'd been.

I've had someone home (sick) with me all but one day in the past two weeks and I thought to myself tonight that maybe I'd see if I had any pictures on the camera to see what else has been going on:

A few years ago Steven went trick-or-treating with his friends and at the end of Halloweening they sorted through their candy and decided that since they weren't going to eat the Coffee Crisps they'd use them as weapons instead. Thus began the Halloween Coffee Crisp War. Carmen went out trick-0r-treating with the next generation of essentially the same group this year (younger brothers of Steven's friends) as well as Steven's friends who still trick-or-treat (Steven does not - he wants the candy but is way too old to go out in a costume begging for it). Coffee Crisp Warfare now includes the making of forts before the battle begins (maybe it always did), dividing into teams, and then the mini chocolate bars are hurled back and forth. Carmen was a casualty this year, taking a hit to her eye. When she came home Steven was very interested to know who had done the damage (his friend Triton) and I thought I saw a glimmer of older brother protectiveness, but I'm happy to report Triton didn't get punched in the eye himself at recess over the incident.

By Tuesday Carmen's eye was still a little red, but much better. Better enough to learn how to knit with the laurels. She came wandering into our room where we were working and asked if we would show her how. Jaclyn had just learned that night and muttered something about watch Carmen learn faster than she did. Carmen heard her and predicted she'd learn 20% faster. Which she did.

Carmen is now knitting a pot-holder for a senior sister in our ward.

Steven is lined up in the bottom right hand corner.
Football came to an end on Saturday. The boys lost in the city championship, which means they won't be moving on to provincials. Bummer. However, later on Saturday night Steven's hockey team won their game with him scoring two of the goals, which certainly put the football loss into perspective.
On a related subject Chloe just had a conversation with Ken this week about baseball being over, but professional football is still going strong, which overlaps with hockey and then baseball begins again. She wasn't too happy to discover that TV sports are a never ending thing. Poor girl - I know how she feels.


Marie said...

I loved Jaclyn's response to Carmen giving knitting a try.

Have you heard of a book called The Candy Shoppe Wars? It came to mind when I pictured the kids flinging chocolate bars at each other.

Jill said...

A lot of times when I go through a folder with my pictures from the week I'm reminded of the things I did and the funny things the kids have done. I'm always glad to have those pictures otherwise I'd forget everything.

Emma H said...


Good job carmen at learning how to knit! Now you can teach me! lol

cheetah said...

Dear Chloe,
For years I have said that there is ALWAYS some sporting event going on. The answer I always get it "I only watch the important games." And just in the past couple of years have I realized there is often an important game on. It just doesn't end. You are much smarter than I. You have learned it very young. Be sure to marry a boy who likes to read instead of watch TV.:-)
Your dear aunt who married your crazy uncle.

cheetah said...

Dear Carmen,
I will order some cleaning clothes from you when mine wear out. How is 25cents a cloth??
Love, me

Kelly said...

I love cheetah's letters to the girls. :)

Poor Carmen's eye, but I loved hearing about Steven feeling protective.

Yea for learning to knit!

And yes, Chloe, we all remember the day we came to that same sad realization.

Amanda L. said...

Sorry to hear about Carmen's post trick or treating injury! How nice to have an older brother to be protective of you though.

Love that learning to knit picture. Ian came into my bedroom at 7:30 this morning and asked where HIS knitting was because he wanted to pick it up again. Do you know how hard it is to see black stitches?

Poor Chloe...what a funny realization. Maybe she'll marry someone like my Terry who likes tennis and sometimes golf. We're not real sports watchers.

Christy said...

I hope Carmen's eye is all better now! And there's nothing better than an older brother to stick up for you (even if they do make you walk 5 paces behind sometimes). And you can tell Chloe to come hang out with us - we generally only watch flames playoff games.

April said...

I cannot imagine wanting to give both sugar and coffee to children on the same night, let alone in the same treat. Is this a Canadian phenomenon?

Given Chloe's own penchant for sports, I think it very unlikely that she will find and marry a boy uninterested in them. Though given Kelly's post today, perhaps some "sports" are better than others...perhaps the ones where they are only trying to kill eachother are preferable. :)

a happy heart blog. said...

I can totally imagine the coffee crisp warfare - forts and all! We reloaded our coffee crisps into our giveaway bowl when the girls came back and managed to get rid of all dozen of them! So glad her eye is getting better!

michelle said...

I don't know about coffee crisps, but it sounds like they gave way to a new Halloween tradition.

Hooray, hooray for learning to knit!

Tell Chloe that not all men watch sports -- I don't think we have ever had a game on at our house!