Tuesday, 6 October 2009


But before we get to him, allow me to introduce:

Cassie (or) Bear - the largest puppy in a litter of German Shepherds born on Sunday morning at Carmen's riding barn. Gail, the owner/instructor, says Carmen can buy the naming rights for $500. I say no, but that doesn't stop Carmen from dreaming. If this puppy is a girl, Carmen would name her Cassie; if this puppy is a boy, Carmen would name him Bear.

And here's Buzz. He's a former Polo Pony that Carmen is now teaching to ride English.

I like Buzz, but I think his rider is cuter.

Someday my kids are going to look through our old photo albums and say, "Mom sure did like those sunbeam shots."

Well, I have no idea of what it takes to teach a horse a new riding style.

However, I do know someone who is enjoying it.


Marie said...

I thought you were about to announce you got another puppy. I was going to call you crazy.

Carmen sure looks happy atop a horse.

Kelly said...

Yeah, I sort of thought this was a new puppy announcement at first, too, and I couldn't believe it!

Beautiful beautiful pictures of Carmen. She couldn't look happier.

Jill said...

That puppy is so very cute!!

Carmen looks so happy and so pretty on Buzz.

April said...

Your girl on a horse makes for just the most gorgeous pictures.

Lucy said...

I think it's so great that your children excel so much in different areas. She looks regal on that horse and totally content.

The pup is awfully cute. Of course, I'm a fan from afar:)

Amanda L. said...

She reminds me of another girl I know!

I can't imagine what it takes to TEACH a horse a different riding style. Good for Carmen!

Love that sunbeam shot...so well done.

Tomorrow is Posey's last riding lesson until next spring..we're all a little melancholy about it.

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful horse and rider! :)

Is that snow I see? brrr...

A Happy Heart Blog said...

I love those photos! She looks so professional! Did you ever receive the equestrian photos I sent you? Take care :)

Jenny said...

beautiful horse.