Friday, 2 October 2009

Sixteen Candles

This morning right after Jaclyn went out the door I pulled out my baskets of birthday-partification to get ready for tonight. Steven looked at my supplies and said, "Does Jaclyn know you're doing this?"
Those words haunted me all day. No, she didn't know. I wanted to surprise her. The party wasn't a surprise: She texted (or facebooked?) all the guests herself. She chose chocolate cake, pizza, pop, and chips. But I chose the rest and I fretted all day because of Steven: What if she didn't like it?
She did.

She liked the piano (Kit Kat) birthday cake.

She liked the lanterns and tissue paper flowers.
She liked the candy on the mantle, a subtle nod to Sweet 16.

And who wouldn't like presents?
So, really, all I've learned is that Steven doesn't want a grand piano cake or tissue flowers at his 16th birthday. Check. Got it.
Carmen and Chloe, however, can't wait to have a party like this.
The kids, I mean teens, played Wii and played the piano (and not just Jaclyn) and had elastic band wars.

Jaclyn opened presents, casting the wrappings at her feet.
You know, for a couple of weeks now I've had several people say something to me about how crazy/worrisome/surprising/life-changing it is for me to have an almost 16-year-old. Every time someone remarks on this I brush it off because it seems very natural to me to have a girl this old.
Until I had a moment as I pierced the cake with the candles that read 'Sixteen'. It hit me, briefly: She is so very nearly grown up.

The kids (I keep calling them that) tried to light a fire in the rain using batteries and steel wool (science geeks love this).

They got sparks, but no fire.
And now they are settled down in the family room watching The Holy Grail. Jaclyn has the best friends - I love their laughter. What a lucky girl.


Jill said...

The piano cake is awesome! Everything looks great, nothing to worry about at all.

I can't imagine having a 16 year old at this point, and it does freak me out a little bit because so many kids get married so young that now 16 seems way too close to being out on their own.

Marie said...

Beautiful party! So many things I have noted and hopefully saved in my brain for 12 years from now for Aimee Sue. And I'm sure every comment will mention it, but the cake was amazing.

I actually have a bunch of pink tissue paper flowers for her tea party birthday. Now I'll have to save them all the way until she is 16 so I can throw a picture perfect party then!

Oh, and the 'sweets' on the mantle were brilliant. Loved it.

Is yellow Jaclyn's favourite colour?

Barb said...

Yes, she loves yellow right now.

Janine said...

Seriously - please hire yourself out to do parties. Please. But obviously not and of Colemans! Great party for a great girl!

Amy said...

You're a genius! I love the piano cake - so simple, but perfect.

And the tissue flowers & it all.

cheetah said...

Ok, I thought the cake was great in the first photo. But then I saw the whole thing and WOW! That is amazing!
It just seems right that she should be 16. It was a long time ago that she was Mille's age. It's just that soon she'll be out of the home. The other day I thought she was in Gr.12 and leaving for school next year. I just about had a heartattack. But alas, I reminded myself that she is ONLY in Gr.11.
And something I LOVE seeing and hearing are truly happy teenagers. They are awesome to be around. And seeing them engaged in great things b/c THEY WANT TO, is even better!
(ps I love the geeks. love it.)

Elizabeth said...

The cake is great. I love the lesson learned about what Steven wouldn't like. I seemed to be surprised at each new stage we get to.

Hilary said...

what a great partY! I love all the fun details.... that cake? Wow!

Denise said...

Fab.U.Lous. You are amazing, Barb. Not only did you create a great party, but your pictures of the party are also works of art. Kudos!

Tiffany said...

What fun! It looks like the perfect way to do a sweet 16 party! Love the cake...

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Jaclyn! It looks like the perfect Sweet 16 party. We are dying over the piano cake here -- amazing!

April said...

Love that cake and the lanterns and flowers are so fun.

She is just what a young lady ought to be.

Amanda L. said...

The cake is a masterpiece!

love that she wanted to do this and has such good friends who enjoy being together at your house. What a blessing.

She is very grown up, but it seems that you have done quite well.

Lucy said...

Happy belated birthday to Jaclyn. She is an inspiration. the world would not seem scary at all if more teenagers were like her. Delightful.

A Happy Heart Blog said...

You're so clever Barb! That cake is so awesome - I am dreaming of a piano cake for my birthday this next year - however, I think I will have to be the one to make it! I can't imagine what it will be like when my girls turn 16 - heaven's sakes, it just feels so far away!

Jenny said...

Great Birthday!