Wednesday, 29 July 2009

One Sunday Evening

Jaclyn felt crafty,

and ready for school to start.

So she embroidered and applique'd new subject labels onto a binder from last year. I think this one used to be for French class (the previous label was Sharpie-d onto the spine).
I am enjoying her blending of Arts & Science. (It's cracking me up a little.)


Marie said...

Very pretty lables. I don't think I ever got passed the white sticker and black marker approach.

Jill said...

What a creative thing to do with her binders and her time.

michelle said...

I love the blending of science and art! But how can she be feeling ready for school to start?

Kelly said...

Brynlee has 7 different folders for school, and was getting them ready after seeing this and she said, "I'm not embroidering labels, Mom."

Anonymous said...

Looks great!