Friday, 24 July 2009

Telephoto Lens

(file under essential equipment for parents of older children)
I borrowed my mother-in-law's telephoto lens this week for two reasons:
1. To avoid embarrassment. (ie: Is that your mom???)

Jaclyn signed up for rowing this summer. (Ken's reaction: 'How Ivy League of her.' )
2. For my own personal safety. (ie: Not getting tackled.)

Steven made the Bantam team last night! (Equipment hand-out tomorrow followed by a practise. We're arriving early to make sure this year Steven gets a helmet that comfortably fits his melon.)


Jill said...

A telephoto lens is a very handy thing to have, especially where kids are involved. I used mine a lot when the kids were little too because I could get great candid shots without them even realizing I was there.

Natalie said...

Great pics! My point and shoot just isn't cutting it, I think I hear SLR calling my name.

Marie said...

Ummm, what if you don't know what a Bantam team is?

I think Bernie might have said 'yuppy' instead of 'ivy league.'

michelle said...

Yowza! I don't know how you handle all the sports events, you are such a supportive mom!

Anonymous said...

I love the yuppy comment!
I love that Jaclyn is taking rowing. And it's great that things worked out for Steven and football.

Price Cream Parlor said...

I love my telephoto lens - especially at sporting events of my boys! How fun!!

We have 'crew' here - but in another city. Would be fun to have littles out on our river doing something as a team! FUN!

Kelly said...

Wondering how the rowing is going? I just wish the telephoto lens didn't make the camera so much heavier.

Anonymous said...

How great for Jaclyn! Great sport, I often will watch it when it is on TV.