Friday, 10 October 2008

A small load off my mind and memory card

Chloe wasn't too happy that I put her in skating lessons again this fall. Neither was I - I thought we were done with skating lessons in this house - but she somehow forgot how to skate, so here we go again. She really didn't like my explanation for mandatory skating lessons: I told her it is a life skill. (Our school does a skating field trip for every grade every year. That's a lot of skating even by Canadian standards.)
I was thinking Chloe is looking like a hockey player with her front tooth missing, but now that I've got the picture up on the computer I see that she' s a little too cute to be a hockey player.
Besides, the curlers under the helmet take away from the hockey player effect.
Jaclyn turned 15 last weekend and held a classic teen boy/girl party.
No decorations. No party games (unless you count Wii). Just pizza, cake, and hanging out. And going to the park. Because somehow that didn't feel too juvenile?
It turns out I really go for a man in coveralls.

Our federal election is coming up on Tuesday. I'm not going to give you a lesson on the parliamentary system, but I will tell you I am one of the few Canadians who has the opportunity to vote directly for (or against) our Prime Minister.


michelle said...

Well, you've definitely got me intrigued on the voting issue!

I loved the description of Jaclyn's party. And Chloe is definitely too cute to be a hockey player!

The thought of mandatory skating lessons cracks me up. I could never be Canadian...

Michelle @ A Happy Heart said...

It's so good to have a walking fact man as my husband. I've just been schooled in the "canadian" parliamentary system (although I really should have known this) by Craig! What a neat thing to be in Stephen Harper's district! Good Luck next Tuesday Barb!

Love those curlers and love your stance on mandatory ice skating!

Kelly said...

The curlers and the coveralls both cracked me up.

I'm glad Jaclyn had a good birthday, even if it does freak me out that she's 15.

I'm curious about the election thing, too. Sounds interesting.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Jacklyn looks so much like YOU! Fun birthday!
I am laughing about the mandadory skating lessons! I, like Michelle, could never be a Canadian either! HA!
Ok - I am going to check out your Prime Minister - but you will have to write a post about that as we are all too curious with this one!

Marie said...

I would have loved to have skating lessons as a kid. Then I wouldn't have looked like Bambi on the ice.

I didn't realize you were in Stephen Harper's district. Cool. Has he come to campaign his area? Have you seen him?

Jill said...

Skating lessons, how funny, I don't even know that's available here.

Are you freaked out at all that you have a 15 year old daughter? You are so young to have a child that old, but then again there's Patsy who is only 41 and has a daughter who's married and a son on a mission.

Tiffany said...

I love your cute hockey player. Mandatory lessons, huh? That sounds like our "mandatory swimming lessons" we had growing up--kind of a necessary thing in Arizona!

Elizabeth said...

You just reminded me about all the times I fell at those skating parties growing up.

carlo said...

love the fun football pics! great sequence.

i am interested in why not everyone gets to vote for or against? hmmm, must go look

my cass did figure skating for 3 yrs. it was cold but she loved it. for the most part

and wow, 15? it will be here in no time.

April said...

Love that pic of your handy man.

Curious about the voting process...since finding about the cheerleading thing I'm considering changing my citizenship.

Skating as a life skill...kind of like swim lessons here I suppose.

And Jaclyn is beautiful at 15...I am still awkward.