Saturday, 11 October 2008

Wide Receiver

Steven wishes I'd caught the QB in this series of photos, but that's not the boy I was watching!
The fact that I missed the QB throwing the pass means it must have been at least 20 yards.

I assume Steven's teammates were busy blocking for the QB, because there wasn't anyone around to block for him.

You can't hear me (Or Ken, Or Truman's family) yelling at
this point.
So I'll just type it out: GO STEVEN!

He made it past the corner back,

but here came the safety.

Boys find this fun.

(Her son, I presume.)


Kelly said...

I am so happy you got your new camera, because as exciting as this game must have been, reliving it for years to come in this awesome way will be...AWESOME! Go Steven!

Barb said...

Click on the first few pictures to see how much the referee enjoys his job. I like to think he was rooting for Steven.

cheetah said...

Kelly took the words right out of my fingers. AWESOME photos and GO STEVEN!

michelle said...

Nice photo-documentation of his big moment!

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos. Love that it is football season. Mine is playing flag foot ball.

Jill said...

Way to go Steven!! And way to go Barb! You captured this moment beautifully (and nonblurrily) which is oh so cool.

That last picture is funny, were there cheerleaders there, maybe her daughter was one.

Barb said...

That would be a great explanation, but no cheerleaders. I don't know if there is a single cheerleader north of the border to be honest.

Katie A. said...

Those are great photos, and the red gloves are helpful! Go Steven!

The new shoes showcased in your SPT are way cute. I have the same dillema, though: I have black dress shoes, but what if my outfit is more brown-ish? My sneakers are brown, but what if my clothing is more black-ish? And so on...I need MORE shoes, I'm sure of it!

Chloe cracked me up in that helmet, especially with the rollers. And Jaclyn looked very pretty.

Marie said...

Hooray for Steven! That was exciting!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Great photos! I, too, wonder why anyone WANTS to play this sport. It is painful to watch when my boys played!
That photo of that woman taking a photo is so dang funny!
HOORAY for you cute boy!

Lucy said...

What a fun series of photos. And way to go Steven! Those red gloves really do come in handy.

Amanda L. said...

Great shots! How awesome to be watching your son's hard work pay off.

No cheerleaders? Wow. Maybe I should move my family to Canada.

Cecilia said...

Way to go Steven! Great pics Barb!

Kelly said...

I thought I had commented on this, and I worried that I was losing my mind when I saw Kelly's comment above. Anyway!

I love all these shots, but the one with the woman taking a photo is so funny. She looks so intense, so to see the action to the side is so funny. Football seems to have been a big fall event for your family this year -- I'm glad it's been enjoyable.

You know, if all of Steven's girl cousins came to the game, he would have quite a cheerleading section. Can you imagine the embarrassment of that?

April said...

Love the play-by-play and the thought that everyone has someone just watching them, oblivious to everything else.

No cheerleaders north of the border...almost enough to change my citizenship over.

Amy said...

I'm so in agreement with Ap's last comment. And I thought about this post of yours as we had a soccer game today after two weeks off. Aidan is where my eyes are. Pretty much always.

Great photos Barb!

Michelle @ A Happy Heart said...

Those photos are really cool Barb! I love that last one, so funny about the other woman taking that photo! How are you? What's up!

Marie said...

I want a new post.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, and where in the world have you been??? I'm sure you're just busy with real life, but you've definitely been missed around here.