Friday, 13 June 2008

I don't know why I seem unable to blog about the minutia in my life. I want to record it, considering minutia composes the majority of my waking hours, and maybe that should be reflected in my blog sometime. But emptying the dishwasher, making appointments, running errands, attending meetings, cleaning out closets, grocery shopping, and so on does not inspire me to write. Today I hover just above the minutia.
Jaclyn had a 9th grade potluck lunch at school today. 'Main course' was slow to fill up on the sign-up list, and Jaclyn seemed unsure of what exactly people were looking for in a 'main course' so I sent her to school yesterday with the instructions to ask the organizing teacher if I did a ham and mustard sauce if that would take care of it. I see now that it was a silly question. Of course the teacher said "Great!" So I baked a ham last night and sent it sliced in a crockpot today. Then instead of a hot breakfast for my kids I made mustard sauce this morning. This is a brilliant recipe from Ken's side of the family, and it got rave reviews from the teachers at the potluck:
Mustard Sauce
2 eggs
1/3 c sugar
1/4 c butter
1/4 c dry mustard
1/2 c vinegar
Mix mustard & sugar, add slightly beaten eggs and vinegar. Cook on medium low heat, stirring constantly. When warm add:
1/4 c butter
Continue to stir over heat till thick.
(mine is never as thick as it should be, and I always have to strain it for cooked egg)
The mustard sauce may be served warm or cold, just like ham.
This afternoon I whipped up a skirt for Chloe. I hauled out my fabric and pattern stash and did some mixing and matching. I certainly didn't think kilt when I originally bought the fabric, but I like how it came together.


Price Cream Parlor said...

You always seem to save the day! Yahoo for a yummy ham and mustard sauce! I am sure that all were pleased with having something for the main course! That skirt is DARLING! I love the fabric!What a creative wonder you are!

lelly said...

i will have to try that mustard sauce (are you having difficulty with the egg because you're not tempering it first i wonder?) we have an awesome root beer sauce (emeril) that we usually do.

the skirt it way cute!

Kelly A. said...

I feel the same way about writing minutia, but when I read other people's minutia it is inspiring. So keep writing, whatever it is about!

"This afternoon I whipped up a skirt", my minutia would say "This afternoon I bled, sweat and teared and now the Goodwill pile has a new lopsided, ill fitting monstrosity." Your minutia is amazing!

Jaclyn said...

I think the mustard sauce is best cold.

Marie said...

While the skirt is adorable for Chloe, I can guarentee that you would never get me into a skirt that shows exactly how many inches it takes to get around my girth.

I think it is so funny that you "Whip up a skirt" in the afternoon. Do you know how much time and effort it took for my to make Maxwell's crib skirt two weeks ago? Sheesh.

April said...

Marie has me in stitches. Pun quite intended.

Jenny said...

Wow, you just "whipped" it up. I need some of those Barb skills. What a darling skirt!

Tasha said...

I love the skirt! Don't you love it when you use fabric that you have to make something great! I do!

Michelle A. said...

whipped up a skirt? heaven'ts sake girl, do we need to start calling you barb the seamstress? Love it - as you may have guessed!

michelle said...

We make that same exact mustard sauce! And I have to say "amen" to Marie's comment. Whipped out a skirt. Good grief.

Jenny S said...

Love how cute the skirt is. I have a list of stuff I want to sew. I alway's see such cute fabric at Wal mart on the $2 table. End up buying a few yards here and there. I must say it has paid off a few times when I need to whip up something.