Wednesday, 16 May 2007


  1. I always wear out the left knee of my jeans first.
  2. I wear a carpal tunnel brace on my right wrist at night.

  3. Sometimes I wear a night guard on my teeth at night to prevent clenching/grinding.

  4. I love the smell of wet cement, like how the garage smells after it's been hosed out.

  5. I usually wear dresses rather than skirts.

  6. I take an all or nothing approach to shopping.

  7. I buy one pair of casual shoes and wear them nearly every day till they're worn out, about 2 years, and then I buy another pair.

  8. I like graphic monkeys.

  9. I don't like real monkeys.

  10. I under pack for holidays.

  11. I've been bucked off a horse.

  12. I've been attacked by a dog. Well, O.K. I was scared by a friendly dog jumping on me as a child.

  13. I'm not really an animal person.

  14. We have a family dog.

  15. I'm the one that bought the family dog.

  16. I make many sacrifices for my children.

  17. I'm paralyzed by clutter. I can't do anything till the clutter is cleared.

  18. I got married when I was 19 years old.

  19. I've been married for 16 years.

  20. I'm a mother of four - three daughters and one son.

  21. I've had violin, clarinet, guitar, and piano lessons.

  22. I play the piano.

  23. I teach piano to my youngest three children.

  24. I'm a dental hygienist.

  25. I phone my own answering machine and send myself emails to remember things.

  26. A clean house boosts my mood.

  27. I clean my own house.

  28. I'm not so picky about having a clean car.

  29. I've never bought a wedding magazine.

  30. I'm on the school council as the kindergarten parent representative, but I mostly speak to junior high issues.

  31. I'm not that strong of a swimmer.

  32. I go back and add to posts, like this cake and birdie box update.

  33. I do a quick good bye at the end of a phone conversation.

  34. My favorite color is turquoise.

  35. I like muddy colors.

  36. I sometimes think words like I'm typing them - my fingers will even flicker along.

  37. My real typing is full of errors.

  38. My favorite movie is Emma.

  39. I drive the speed limit.

  40. Sometimes I go over the limit if it seems safer to keep up with the flow of traffic.

  41. I do like to speed when it comes to snow skiing.

  42. I'm a keener.

  43. I like a job well done.

  44. I'm not a perfectionist.

  45. I find it really hard to leave my kids with other people, especially over night.

  46. I often make multiple visits to other blogs before I'm ready to comment.

  47. I like Spearmint Certs (the green package).

  48. I just ate a whole pack of them in about 10 minutes.

  49. I got that from my mom.

  50. I'm a good sport.

  51. I can schmooze when I need to (a corporate retreat skill).

  52. I haven't exercised since June 2006.

  53. I'm taking the 2006-07 school year off exercising.

  54. July 2007 is coming up quick.

  55. I'm uncomfortable around foul language.

  56. I'm a better president than counsellor.

  57. I wish it were the other way around.

  58. I've spent that last few years mourning the end of having babies.

  59. I'm pretty O.K. with it now.

  60. I may never completely stop wanting another baby.

  61. My perfect date night is dinner and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

  62. My husband reads my blog, and he's pretty good at taking hints.

  63. I am a child of God. So are you.

  64. I'm the oldest of 5 kids - I have 3 brothers and a sister.

  65. I have good relationships with all my siblings.

  66. I was nearly 10 when my sister was born, and I got to name her.

  67. I can sleep in.

  68. I'm not good at taking naps.

  69. I'm a fun mom.

  70. I'm self disciplined.

  71. I like getting older.

  72. My favorite flowers are lilacs and sweet peas.

  73. I also love bouquets of dandelions.

  74. I'm good in a conflict or like when there's a problem at school that I have to talk to a teacher about.

  75. I have a new interest in technology.

  76. I'm supportive of my husband's hobbies and interests.

  77. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

  78. I like a little alone time.

  79. I often stay up too late just to get some peace and quiet in my day.

  80. I have poor eyesight. I've had glasses since I was 10 years old.

  81. I've never colored my hair.

  82. When I'm really into what I'm reading I don't hear or notice anything going on around me.

  83. I've lived in Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Calgary - all in Alberta, Canada.

  84. I'm 5'4.

  85. My middle name is Jane.

  86. I like ripple potato chips with philadelphia onion chip dip.

  87. I make the same face my dad does when exerting effort in some way.

  88. I make terrific rolls.

  89. I make a good pie crust, but not as good as my mom's.

  90. I grew up thinking I would eventually go deaf in my left ear.

  91. It took me 2 months to get this list done.

  92. In school my best subject was math.

  93. I have terrible handwriting.

  94. I'd like an ipod, but I don't like wearing earphones.

  95. To fall asleep I first start on my back in a yoga 'tree', then when I'm almost out I flip over onto my stomach.

  96. I can slalom water ski.

  97. I've finally found my style.

  98. I love leftovers.

  99. I want all the art in my home to have personal meaning.

  100. I'm happiest when I'm busy.


Marie said...

Loved your list. It reinforced #50 on mine. I love you.

Mandy said...

I loved your list Barb and am so glad you did one. These are fascinating to me!

Amy said...

I'm so glad you made a list! I loved learning more about you. I love what you said on 99 & agree totally. I'd rather have blank walls than ones adorned with meaningless. I, too, like muddy colors & Emma & think about typing as I talk.

And I love your blog. You always have something quite original to share...and I always look forward to the visit.

Michelle A. said...

Yeah! You did it! I've been comtemplating about starting mine for my birthday. I was married young too, one month after turning 20 - we're celebrate 14 years in June! Do you still play the violin? I've taken clarinet, sax, piano and violin, and believe it or not - percussion! Great to hear your 100. Love it all! Have a great day!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Great list! Learned so much about you!

Elizabeth said...

What a great 100! SO fun to read. I drive the speed limit also unless to keep up with the flow.
I agree about the art needing to have meaning to you.

RGLHM said...

Great List. I loved it. Discovered where some of Mark's habits come from (Certos but for him it's menthos) I love these lists. If we all did them again next year we would have 100 more things to say.

Jenny said...

It was fun to read your list. I love how you wrote that a clean house boosts your mood--ditto!

I enjoy graphic monkeys too.

Kelly said...

A list at last! I loved it. I did not know you had taken guitar lessons or that you had a thing for certs. So glad you finished it so we could all read it!

lelly said...

hooray!! i'm so glad you finally found your style. it simply SHINES through on your blog!

Jill said...

This is a great list, definitely indicative of two months in the making. What's a keener? Why did you think you'd eventually go deaf in your left ear?

Barb said...

Jill: I was expecting someone to ask about the deaf thing, but I wasn't expecting the keener question. Is keener a Canadian word? A keener is super keen about everything they do - overly attentive and enthusiastic - the very opposite of a slacker.

My mom and my mom's mom both went deaf in their left ears in their early adulthood. I just thought it would happen to me, too.

carlo said...

oh i need to finish my list. i love reading them.

love your art comment-- so agree.

so interesting your break from exercise. how? why?

love to sleep in

so much in common

melanie said...

I love your list and I'm glad you finished it! I wanted to know what a keener was too, thanks for answering Jill. I love your blog as much as your list!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Barb, Ditto to all of the above comments. I wanted to know what a keener was too. I learned a lot of fun stuff out about you and really enjoyed reading your list. I admire you very much and always appreciate your blog and your positive posts and creative ideas.

Laurie said...

Now that I've finally posted a 100 list, I'm checking out the ones I missed last year.

It's fun to see how much we have in common: #'s 4, 8, 9, 12-16, 17, 26, 27, 64, 76, 78, 91, 99....

Great list!