Saturday, 20 August 2016

Ewaso Ngiro

On our way into the Rift Valley

Kenyans are crazy drivers! We had a somewhat scary 3 hour drive from Nairobi to Ewaso Ngiro on Sunday, but I have to say that over the 2 weeks we were there I came to respect the driving because with all the craziness I didn't see a single accident.

My other impressions on the way to Ewaso Ngiro were the strong smell of burning garbage, the streets covered in garbage, and that thing we see in foreign countries with police carrying big guns. The restaurant we stopped at on the way was almost completely out of food and only had 2 items on the menu they could actually serve us. What had we gotten ourselves in to? Plus Chloe was sick and started her travel antibiotics we had brought with us. Sheesh. Plus I left my sunglasses in our Nairobi hotel.

We arrived at Building Hope Academy in the evening to a beautiful sky. The first person we met was the day guard. And the second person we met was the night guard in a shuka carrying a spear and a dagger. For real.

We got a tour of Building Hope Academy, they are building on 2 more classrooms.

We unpacked our stuff in our shared room in the teacher's quarters, and then Merry cooked us a delicious dinner which we ate under a tent,

With this view.

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