Saturday, 20 August 2016

Africa - Nairobi

Our trip began beautifully on KLM airlines. Good food and good care all around.

When we landed in Nairobi we were greeted by Merry and David and their son Murani and we were each presented with a Maasai Shuka, something that distinguishes the Maasai from other people of Kenya.

We went straight to the Fairmont hotel and to bed.

Saturday we had fun at the David Sheldrick elephant orphanage:

They were so cute, but as Jill commented on my Instagram feed

The caregivers didn't seem very enthusiastic about what they were doing.

Then we went to the giraffe centre in Nairobi!

Chloe had a cough and a cold when we left Calgary, and was feeling pretty crummy on Saturday in Nairobi, but the giraffe saliva seemed to have healing powers because she perked up once she got her giraffe kiss.

Carmen and Chloe both said from the beginning that they would kiss the giraffes, 

but I had to think about it a bit.

Even Naomi kissed the giraffe! Naomi is a student that Building Hope has sponsored through high school and she is headed for university this fall. When she met Carmen and Chloe she told them she has always wanted to meet someone from Red Deer Lake School (where the Building Hope Society originated). 

The pool at the hotel was FREEZING but we were so jet lagged that we needed to swim to stay awake until a proper bedtime.

We didn't last long in the pool.

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