Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Provo - Road Trip Trilogy Part 3

Yep, the morning after the Taylor Swift Concert Chloe, Carmen, and I crawled into the van and started another road trip. Carmen only travelled as far as Calgary because she had some lifeguard shifts at work (also the reason why she missed Fort McMurray). Chloe and I drove for 13 hours that day and made it to Idaho Falls. We crashed at our Thomson cousins' house - they weren't home, but provided their garage code for us to get in. Then Friday Chloe and I drove the rest of the way to Provo. 

We hit the jackpot with some tickets to go see Studio C on Friday night, and it was worth the drive!

Not to mention that we got to spend time with Jaclyn and Mason. They remember the days when the Studio C stars were mere Divine Comedy actors.

It was fun to watch the process of the set up and take down of the two side-by-side sets.

And it was FUNNY! We will enjoy the sketches we got to view live all the more when they are released on YouTube.

Saturday Chloe and I hiked to the top of the 'Y' in the side of the mountain above BYU campus.

Selfie time.

Chloe was super exhilarated after the hike and full of energy. We walked around and bought some stuff at the BYU bookstore, and then went to Seven Peaks with Jaclyn and Mason in the afternoon. Mason used to work at a water park as a lifeguard, and his knowledge and coaching improved our waterslide skills, but he was still the fastest slider in the group.

We had a great time, and I can't wait to go back to Utah.