Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Fort McMurray - Road Trip Trilogy Part 1

I set my alarm nice and early the morning after Jurassic Park so that we could go to Fort McMurray with MOCM to visit my parents. Luckily, since Chloe was my only passenger, in Edmonton everyone else loaded into my van and Mark drove the rest of the way.

We planned to visit on the August long weekend, which turned out to be a moving weekend for my parents (just an easy move across the street). It was great timing - we were happy to help and happy to thwart another secret move.

My dad's garden in Fort Mac is completely amazing, and at the same time embarrassing that I can't grow a decent vegetable garden in Calgary.

Look at the clouds in this picture and tell me if it seemed warm enough for a splash park.

It wasn't.

So we headed back to my parents' place where the kids got into the water again!

Mark was the fun parent.

I wish I had photographed the final air mattress fort that Camille and Chloe slept in. It had square walls and a flat roof and was a marvel.

This picture was actually my dad's idea!!! He needed a submission for an extended family history book a distant cousin is putting together. The new house they moved into backs on a nature area, it is completely gorgeous.

But perhaps the highlight was all the quality time I got with Monte.

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