Monday, 7 July 2014

California Road Trip - Santa Barbara

In our family we've always liked a good road trip - getting there is half the fun! (Though this year Ken did run the numbers on flying, but the cost of airfare would have been more than double the cost of driving down. That settled it.)

We did the drive to California in 2.5 days. The first night we stopped in Idaho Falls and stayed with family. Family is an amazing thing, isn't it? We can go years without seeing these second cousins (third cousins to the kids) and pick up right where we leave off. 

We spent our second night in Las Vegas where Ken introduced Carmen, Chloe, and I to the best quesadillas of our lives at El Gordo's.

A new form of amusement for road trips: mom draws people on your toes. Unfortunately the people wore off immediately when they stepped out of the car. 

Sunday afternoon we reached Santa Barbara. Mark, Ortensia, Camille, and Monte beat us there by just a bit, and we spent some time checking out the beach and the pier.

By early evening Kelly, Avery, Emerson, and Phoebe had also arrived in Santa Barbara. 

We went out for dinner, and then hit the pool at Hotel Milo.

I loved our hotel. It had lots of character, I'm not even being ironic here. (Though our years of no air conditioning at home prepared us for our stay here.)

Monday morning we saw Avery and Carmen off to EFY Santa Barbara.

Meanwhile, Ortensia and Mark found entertainment around town for the younger generation, and then it was off to Anaheim!


Jill said...

It's so great that Avery and Carmen could go to EFY together!

Jill said...
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