Tuesday, 8 July 2014

California Road Trip - Anaheim

Somehow taking Carmen to EFY Santa Barbara turned into a major vacation for Chloe. We did Disneyland hard core for 3 solid days!

We checked off all the food bucket list items: churros, dibs, popcorn, Dole whip, as well as restaurants at Downtown Disney.

Chloe was a complete maniac for the rides. She did them all, and she loved them all.

Every moment not in the park was spent in the pool.

It was especially fun to visit Cars Land, which wasn't open 3 years ago.

Monte wearing his Lightening McQueen shirt.

We did slow down eventually for a couple of character shots.

The group

Chloe cooling off her feet. It was more than a little hot in the afternoons.

One morning it started out just the 3 of us. Chloe was fully committed to setting an alarm in the mornings so that we could take advantage of cooler temperatures and shorter lines and more rides!

I don't know how many times Chloe rode California Screamin'. Like I said, she was a crazy person on this trip.

There were rides for everyone!

Ken and I ducked out of Disney on the last night and went to an Angels game. We were mixed up on the start time, though, and arrived an hour early. The ball park was crawling with professional photographers, and the photo turned out alright, but maybe not to the tune of $40 for a proper download? When Disney only charges $15 for a digital download?

Meanwhile Mark, Ortensia, Kelly, and kids went to the parade in Disneyland, hit more rides, and saw World of Color in California Adventure. They don't look like they missed us at all.

Then again, neither does he. And Steven got 10 whole days to himself.


Jill said...

Wow, 3 hard core days at Disney would probably kill me! We took our kids there for one day 8 years ago and I'm still not over it!

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