Sunday, 17 November 2013

Take Your Kid to Work Day - November 6

I wasn't going to post about this because of the blood, but Carmen pointed out to me that her aunts have mostly already seen this on her Instagram, so I may as well.

Alberta has a province-wide day every fall for 9th graders to go to work with a parent and learn about their workplace. Jaclyn and Steven went to Ken's work when they went through grade 9 - I see the appeal with the glamour of downtown, and going out for lunch with Dad. (My lunch breaks are only 30 minutes, no time for eating out.) 

But Carmen chose to come to my office because she likes blood and guts - she wants to be a trauma surgeon.

Dr. Fairbanks gave Carmen exactly what she was looking for with a bone graft.

Carmen leaned in all day with many patients who were all very good sports. And she even got to go out for lunch with Steven, since the high school is just down the street from my office.

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