Thursday, 31 October 2013


Here are my little girls this morning before school: 50's Girl and Vintage Nurse.
Chloe's costume is all about the accessories: ribbon in her hair, cat-eye glasses, matching scarf, and saddle shoes. Too bad I arranged them so that the poodle on her skirt is hidden!
Carmen's uniform is a vintage 1960s uniform from Fresno California. The nurse's cap was tricky! We didn't know about the loop on the inside to bobby pin it down - we figured it out eventually.

Happy Halloween!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Now those are cute Halloween costumes. Really cute.

Kelly said...

Fun to see what was in the package! They look great!

Marie said...

LOVE these costumes. (I think I'm probably the only one, but I wish nurses still dressed like that. And doctors with collars and white coats. No one looks good in scrubs.)

Chloe - LOVE your 50s costume. You look awesome. I want some saddle shoes for real life.