Sunday, 14 April 2013

Easter Lesson Take-Away

The mom of one of my primary children emailed me with her daughter's version of the lesson I taught 2 weeks ago:

I thought you might appreciate of her rendition of the resurrection of Jesus (she told us on the way home from church):    

The evil Samaritans killed Jesus and put his body in the tomb.  A big rock was rolled in front.  Then the fairies came and the guards ran away.  The fairies opened up the tomb and Jesus came back to life.  Then Mary (not the real one, but the other one) didn’t know who it was till Jesus said “Mary” and then she knew who it was.  

I thought that would make you smile.

So funny! I have no idea of how the Samaritans got involved!


Jill said...

Or the fairies?!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Jill thought the same thing as I did, "Probably the same way the fairies did!"

So glad we have a real Mary and a not real Mary so we know the difference, too!