Friday, 12 October 2012

Scorpions, Stig, and States

Our very first day at Keith and Kelly's house Chloe said she was hoping to see a scorpion. Chloe is now aware of the phrase, "Careful what you wish for - you just might get it".

She was pretty undone by it. Personally, I thought it was interesting. I'd never seen one and I didn't know they were translucent. 

The Stig is truly adored in this house, so Carmen fits right in to the family culture. 
(He is a beautiful dog.)

Every night this week Chloe and Emerson studied their states and provinces. To calm themselves in bed after the scorpion sighting they tried to remember all the states from memory - counting states instead of counting sheep. (Reviewing the 10 Canadian Provinces wouldn't have been long enough to calm them down.)


G-Ma said...

There's only one way to deal with a scorpion - a heavy shoe and fast wrist action...

Janine said...

Not to wave my geek flag too hard...I used to try to recite that states and their capitals alphabetically!!

Kelly said...

Chloe is not allowed to make wishes at my house any more. :) Those things creep me out like nothing else, and I can't believe one appeared while you were here. So glad no one got stung! That picture makes me think I need to be more diligent with my baseboard cleaning in there.

The house seems really empty and lonely without you guys. We've had moping girls all day.