Thursday, 11 October 2012

Organ Stop Pizza

What can I say? I didn't know what to expect. I didn't get a recommendation for Organ Stop Pizza so much as a *you really have to see this* mention from a friend. And when I emailed Kelly to ask if she'd ever heard of it she said that my parents wanted to check it out the last time they came down, but it didn't work out.

It's an experience. And entertaining. 

We arrived at five-to-five and lined up outside the doors with dozens of other people for the establishment to open (doesn't quite classify as a restaurant). We ordered our food, picked a table, and sat and waited for we-didn't-know-what.

(Yes, those are dancing cat marionettes.)

It's a spectacle. The organ has stops that control drums, and bells, and a quacking duck, and I forget what else. The younger kids loved it, the older kids were entertained as well. Mom & Dad: I think you should try again. I think it would be fun. But bypass the pizza line, and go straight for the ice cream (or just the ice water), you'll be glad you did.

We went elsewhere our for ice cream to Bahama Bucks for what I can only describe as a flavoured snow parfait. I'm pretty sure with the right flavour syrup I could make this with real snow. It's an elevated snow-bob with cream poured over the top. It's totally amazing.

Keith is the master of evening treats - I need him to move to Calgary for a couple of years to uncover everything I'm missing in my own city.

Um, I just love this picture.

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Kelly said...

Oh my, I love that last picture, too! Totally stealing it!

I think that Organ Stop might have over-stimulated my senses, probably good that I was home for that one, ha ha!