Thursday, 2 August 2012

July 15 - Horwich, UK

We finally made it to church on our holiday. We attended Chorley 3rd Ward at the Preston MTC/ Preston Temlple/ Preston Stake Centre park.

Calgary Temple

It was High Council Sunday, and the High Councillor talk was so pertinent to our family. He spoke about temple attendance, and reminded the congregation that many of them, like himself, had relocated to the Preston area in order to be close to the temple. He gently encouraged them to increase their temple attendance.

Calgary Temple

Our temple in Calgary will be dedicated at the end of October. I'm really excited about the open house, and the opportunity to have a temple in my own city will be a blessing.

After church it was more family-history-site treasure hunting - all for former homes of Ken's Grandpa Eric Stapleton whom he knew and loved.

Stocks Cottages

I need to consider that it is possible that some day my house could be a kickboxing studio.

Stapleton Motorcycles is now Leo's Restaurant

This is not a former home, but the location of the family business. Ken's Great-grandfather owned a motorcycle shop, and it is likely that Ken's Great-grandmother was the first woman in England to own and ride a motorbike, much to the shock and dismay of other women at the time. One day the other women in town filled the road, trying to block her from getting by on her motorbike. She just opened up the throttle and drove right on through. Gutsy lady!


Jill said...

Ha, "I need to consider that it is possible that some day my house could be a kickboxing studio."

That's so awesome about Ken's great grandmother!!

Marie said...

Arg. Jill wrote exactly what I was about to.

Maybe your home will be something more like a music studio. Would that feel better?