Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July 14 - Trinity College Dublin

Friday night we slept in Dublin, then bright and early the next morning we packed up the van (cue the tetris music - nice work Ken) and drove downtown to visit Trinity College.

Steven with the coveted back seat to himself. 

I know I blogged about it last year, but Ken's ancestors helped found Trinity College Dublin. Adam Loftus was the first Provost, and he and William Usher each donated their personal libraries to begin the Trinity College library, which now houses The Book of Kells. (No photos allowed inside the library.)

We did a full tour of the campus, which was a little tricky because they were filming a BBC miniseries on Jack the Ripper.

From time to time pedestrian traffic on campus was stopped so that we didn't spoil a shot.

We caught the ferry back to England in the afternoon. This travel day was filled with a pencil-torn-paper-doll-british-period-drama-soap-opera-melodrama the rest of us wish we could forget. Oh the humanity!


Jill said...

I used to have a Trinity College sweatshirt back in high school!

How cool to see them filming a movie there!

Marie said...

Too bad you couldn't sneak on as an extra. We all know you've got a great British accent. (Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?)