Monday, 30 July 2012

July 12 - Irish Family History

After a luxurious sleep at the Radisson Blue Resort and Spa (that priced out the same as our London hotel) we went on a treasure hunt (with maps and everything) to find all the sites Ken's parents guided us to last year.

The road we took last year to Temple Michael was closed, but Ken found a back way in to this Mason temple and family graveyard on the Ballynatray Estate.

Across the water from Temple Michael you can no longer walk all the way up to the house, though you can rent the house for special events. (It was a little out of our price range for this trip.)

Jaclyn's umbrella is still looking good in this picture - it got much worse. (Molena Abby in the background.)

More spider webs.

Youghal is a fun little town. There was a time it when was a larger port than London!

Tynte Tower

St. Mary's Collegiate

Sir Walter Raleigh's house - first Tudor house in Ireland.

A memorial plaque inside St. Mary's Collegiate. See the punctuation happy face?

Igthamurrah was inaccessible due to rain and simultaneous *organic fertilizing*.

No one home at Rathcoursey this time.

It was still fun to see.

Jane Green Smyth's home in Passage West has been renovated in the past year.

Hey, we saw this car last year parked in the same spot across the street!
(No, I wasn't the one who noticed that.)

We even found Old Kilmurry Cemetery which we didn't get to see last year.

And with excellent directions from Grandma, we found a significant family headstone with several ancestors identified in the engraving.

Jaclyn and Carmen copied it down word for word.

This cemetery we did visit last year.

Just the girls - Steven was done with getting wet.

Whereas what did Chloe and Carmen want to do when we got back to the hotel?

That's right, get more wet. Even if they did make all guests wear swim caps.

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This looks like quite the rainy adventure!