Sunday, 29 July 2012

July 11 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The moment Pembroke Castle came into view it started. And how could they not quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail with a stone castle right in front of them?

(Our french photographer would be proud of our *romantic* picture here.)

Pembroke Castle in Wales is where King Henry VII was born to his widowed 14-year-old mother. He was entitled to the throne through both his parents, and won his position in battle against his cousin Richard III. 

The castle dates back to the 1200's.

It was fun to explore, and a great way to use our time before we caught the ferry to Ireland.

I don't imagine it had this beautiful lawn back in the day.

If only Chloe had some flue powder! (It all comes back to Harry Potter.)

The spiderwebs didn't help Jaclyn's arachnophobia.

We nearly had the place to ourselves, quite a change from the big cities we'd been in the first half of the holiday.

Beneath the castle, facing the water, is a limestone cavern called Wogan Cavern.

It was huge (cavernous). Think oversized gymnasium.

Very echo-y.

At the castle Steven was jumping up onto everything. I only thought to get a video after we left to head back to the car. This jump was no big deal - as you can see from the shrug he gave me at the end of the video.

When I arranged the car rental I didn't realize that we needed to complete more forms and pay more money to travel out of Enlgand. Ken made the necessary arrangements earlier in the day, though the Alamo guy told him that 'knowing the Irish' they wouldn't check. They didn't.

We waited to load the ferry long enough for Carmen to get some in-car spa treatments from Chloe. The foot massage proceeded the facial massage. (Perhaps a strategic mistake on Carmen's part.)

We rented a cabin on the ferry in the spirit of family history. Ken's grandfather emigrated to Canada by boat just after WWI. Here Steven and Chloe are reenacting a story of seasickness recorded in Great-grandpa's memoirs.

We did use the room for napping. I got a beautiful nap myself.

Jaclyn found some free Wi-Fi and enjoyed her time on the boat.

Here is the true cost of travelling by ferry.

The arcade! (And the food.)

Steven now holds the high score on Big Buck.

Travelling was as big a part of this holiday as the destinations were.


Kelly said...

You all had the cutest coats for the trip!

Emerson was in fits of giggles over the girls' echo-y song.

Marie said...

Steve's standing jump is amazing. Pretty sure I'd end up in a heap.

That stone castle just about did me in. WOW!!!!! (Can't you just hear the ghosts that hang out in there? Or see the wizards, or the wicked queens? Did you see a dragon in the cavern? I swear there must have been one there, guarding a secret tunnel or a dungeon, or a treasure.......)