Friday, 16 September 2011

Back to school

School bags waiting by the front door on *first day of school eve*.
Steven, Carmen, and Chloe went back to school on September 1st - a fitting day even if it did fall before the long weekend. I felt really blessed that everyone seemed to be ready for the next year.
The high school adjustment for Steven is more independence and responsibility.
Carmen has taken to the extra work-load of junior high (if you knew our junior high you would appreciate what I'm saying here). Carmen's attitude towards homework seems to be, 'Finally we're getting serious here. It's about time!'
Chloe had the good fortune of getting the teacher she was hoping for as well as her best friend in her class.
They've landed well.


Marie said...

I still need to do a 'back to school' post. Can I still do one when they've been in for two weeks?

michelle said...

Is that Carmen's bag with the 4 huge binders?? Holy cow! I love her attitude.

I was taken aback by how different things were once Max started high school. So much busier!

There's not much better than having your best friend in your class.

oinorton said...

Glad they are all loving life:-)