Sunday, 11 September 2011

They should call it a short weekend.

Because it speeds by,

 Even when you try to take it slow.

We had our ranch weekend with Ken's family on the September long.

 Providing quads is one of many ways that Craig keeps us entertained!

 Next year we must remember ear plugs for the little ones.

Where were the 12&13 year old girls when I had babies?

 I remember it being hot, but I guess maybe not down at Waterton Lake?

 We actually made two trips to Waterton: one with the men, one without.

 Here I go with the back-lit photos I love.

 Ah, young people.

The tamest cricket ever.

 I can just hear Blake saying: You took all those action shots of me on the quad and you choose to post this???

 Without Cache as my assistant I wouldn't have a picture of Eric,

 Or Grandma.

 This one is all mine. I also have a similar picture of my brothers-in-law, actually.

 You know Ken is old when his childhood helmet is 'vintage'.

Cache planting his landing after flying off the swing.

I didn't have my camera with me on Monday because I sent it with the golfers. Ken took pictures at the beginning and the end. Here's Steve on the 18th hole.

I think the only one I'm missing is me - I'll have to get some pictures off Natalie, but here's our bear siting. Thanks for spotting it Craig!


Barb said...

Actually I should rewrite this post and title it: Craig is the best. He booked the golf, he deep fried a turkey for Sunday dinner, he brought quads and guns, and personally provided the laughs. PLUS kept our bear siting streak alive. What a guy.

Marie said...

So, when does extended family get an invite?

G-Ma said...

I love the pictures. Especially the 'kung fu' dogs. Thanks for being the official photographer. It was a great weekend.

oinorton said...

Having 12 your old nieces is the greatest.

oinorton said...

12 year old nieces not your

a.k.a happy heart mom said...

Barb - these are fantastic photos! So great to see Nat in the mix - so glad you had such a great time!