Saturday, 9 April 2011

Slam Dunk

Last year our school raised money to build a school in Kenya, and now that we have made that connection I imagine we will continue to fundraise for education in that area of the world. At Christmas we raised funds for desks for the school, and this week we raised money to build a separate kindergarten because the wild elephant herd nearby was making it dangerous and difficult for the small ones to walk to school.

Part of the fundraiser was a dunk tank, which I was sure would be very popular, particularly when the junior high teachers took a turn in the tank. Then a notice came home that students in grades 6-9 could enter a raffle to have their own turn in the dunk tank (yet another way to collect money). I wasn't surprised when Carmen asked if as long as it was her own money, could she buy some tickets for a chance in the dunk tank?

(Funny story: she didn't just enter her own name, she also entered the name of a friend who was very surprised to be selected to sit in the dunk tank, but was a good sport and afterwards told her mom she was 'so grateful Carmen entered me!')

Carmen is a lucky kind of kid, so she also was selected for a turn in the dunk tank:

Ken questioned me allowing this, especially with snow on the ground. Carmen said, "Dad, we're Canadian. We don't wait another day for better weather." Ha!

A couple of boys from Carmen's class took a shot (she had to sit in the dunk tank for 5 minutes and however many dunks that involved). Then Chloe got a turn - she missed, but Mr. M obligingly hit the button for Chloe.

Carmen says you don't have time to feel the fall, just suddenly you're in the water.

The water was heated, so the real cold didn't set in till after she got out. Still happy, though!

(Uncle Kevin recently suggested there may not be any limits to what Carmen would be willing to do for a good cause.)


Kelly said...

Carmen is so cool!

I was horrified at the snow in the first picture and was wondering if you would go on posting without any mention of a dunk tank in the middle of winter or if water and snow were no big deal for the Canadians. I'm glad you at least acknowledged the incongruity. Brr and fun!

Marie said...

Carmen is such a good sport.

PS: I hope that her school doesn't try to raise money for cancer research any time soon - she'd be the first to sign up to shave her head!

michelle said...

I'm not sure which I love more: Carmen's comment to her dad about being Canadian or her Uncle Kevin's remark. Sweet girl.