Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Secret Life of B.

I'm totally converting to Lush products. I got *Big* shampoo for a gift, and I have since added the conditioner, facial scrub, cleansing cream, astringent, and moisturizer. This is a far cry from the hand soap and Vaseline Intensive Care hand lotion I've been using for the past 20 years on my face. Going high maintenance? Throwing pennies in the fountain of youth? Not really my goal - it just smells really good.

We're nearly finished finishing the basement. Ken developed the basement himself in our first house, and it's taken awhile to bite the bullet and pay someone to do the basement for us this time. After we signed the papers Ken told me he felt like a failure not doing it himself. I suggested maybe he should feel like a success that he can afford to pay! 

A-ke-la! We'll do our best! I've been aspiring to Cub Akela for 10 years, and it's finally happened. I sorted through the materials from the previous Akela yesterday and found these photo corners, clearly included in the craft supplies because they look like wolf silhouettes (almost as cute as my actual wolf cubs).

Football: the year-round sport. Ninth grade is the beginning of the best 3 years: fall and spring football! In the high school years community football runs in the spring so as not to interfere with school football in the fall. And then Drills and Skills run all winter, and Steven may possibly (hopefully) help coach Pee-Wee football in the summer for 10-12 year olds. Not that we're obsessed or anything - Steven was still capable of making the choice to miss practise on Monday in order to study for a science exam.

I need to dress better on Fridays. Monday through Thursday Ken goes to work in dress clothes and comes home and changes into grungy clothes. But on Friday Ken wears business casual (nice jeans, nice shoes, sharp shirt) and then if we go out on Friday night he looks great, whereas for me, especially if it is a 'spontaneous' outing, not so much. I need to get out of my mom-i-form on Fridays. (Though Ken was a little over-dressed for our Costco date last night.)

I've been practising yoga for awhile now, maybe that's been a secret, but not on purpose. I just don't know what to say about it. Sometimes it's totally invigorating, sometimes it's defeating. I'm always glad I did it. Marie asked me: Isn't it boring? (Not when you're old like me.) Besides, it gives me practical skills I can use like when I'm putting on my second dress boot crouched on one foot of the first high heeled boot and don't fall over in my in-laws front entrance after a Sunday dinner. Plus I'm totally bought in: I'm chanting along at the beginning of class, I feel the earth supporting me, I'm all about allignment and side-body-long and leading with my heart and opening to grace. I've go it bad. (And better muscle tone than anything else I've done.)


    Kelly said...

    Ooh yes! Loyal Lush user here, when I can get my hands on it. I'm always buttering up family in the NW to send me some.

    Neighbor Jane Payne said...

    What a fun read Barb. I like your secrets.

    Marie said...

    I have the current beauty regiment you just gave up. Hand soap and hand lotion. Don't let me smell you new products - I am sure I would love them and then I'd have to shell out the cash, which would completely frustrate me.

    Basement is looking great.

    You will be the best cubs leader ever! I am trying to talk myself out of driving Carter two hours each way to be in your pack in September.

    "I'm chanting along at the beginning of class, I feel the earth supporting me, I'm all about allignment and side-body-long and leading with my heart and opening to grace." Don't tell Dad, or he'll buy you a burlap dress.

    Kelly said...

    I wish blogs had smellovision, because now you've got me curious about how great those smell. And seriously, hand soap and Vaseline Intensive Care hand lotion on your face? Who knew that was the secret to gorgeous skin!!

    The basement looks amazing!

    I'm not familiar with the word Akela, and I'm not sure if it's a country difference or just the fact that I am totally clueless about the scouting world. Those are lucky boys!

    And oh, why don't we live close? My chiropractor wants me to start doing yoga, and I've only unsuccessfully tried some videos which I just can't seem to get into. I wish I could tag along to class with you.

    Mrs.N said...

    I've seen lush a round. I will need to smell it next time I see it.

    The basement looks great. How fun to have it come together.

    Oh, the cubs will love you! Takes lots of love and energy to do Cubs I think!

    And I can't seem to do the actual yoga, but I just love the breathing and the connecting to the earth and the chanting. Maybe I will take out Mille's yoga for kids DVD and try again!

    Jill said...

    I think Yoga is the way to go really. Having strength and better muscle tone while feeling one with the earth is a good thing.

    michelle said...

    Two things I can't seem to get past:

    1. You used hand soap and Vaseline Intensive Care on your face?! For 20 years? And your skin looks that good?! No way. I still haven't found the magic products that work for me without making me break out. Usually I don't use any moisturizer, but now that I'm getting wrinkles, I'm sure I should remedy that... or maybe it's too late?

    2. You have been ASPIRING to Cub Scouts?! What a woman. I nearly cried when I got that calling, and then again (with joy) when I was released.

    I want to be able to do yoga, but I don't know that I have it in me.