Friday, 29 October 2010


It hasn't been too painful so far, but maybe the fact that I want to post about it like it's over says something here. We still have the church Trunk-or-Treat tomorrow night, but everyone has had a chance to wear their costumes with various parties and such, so I have what I need for a post.

A few weeks ago Jaclyn and Carmen were talking about something and Jaclyn didn't quite believe what Carmen was saying, so she used Grandpa's phrase, "You know, in this family we can't afford for our noses to grow . . . "  I'm pretty sure that was the inspiration for Carmen's Halloween costume 2010: Pinocchio.

I found a nose online, but shipping from the states is iffy for timing and I was a little nervous that the costume wouldn't come together. To be safe, Carmen crafted a nose from Crayola Model Magic which would have been fine, but we're glad she didn't need it. This one is much better. The rest of the costume is composed of used items from Value Village for the most part. We already owned the figure skating tights which will hopefully keep her warm enough tomorrow night.

Chloe had been considering several costumes from the dress-up box, leaning towards Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. But when Carmen and I came home from shopping for the Pinocchio costume Chloe got a little jealous and decided she wanted something fresh and new. Jaclyn was much more compassionate on this point than I was and found her dress she wore when Aunt Marie got married which fit Chloe perfectly. Chloe asked me to buy her some long white gloves and a tiara to complete the princess costume and satisfy her need for new. Which I did. On the last day to return new Halloween items to Value Village.

Then on Sunday she found out that two boys in her primary class were dressing as Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Yep, back to plan 'A'. She assures me the long white gloves and tiara won't be wasted. She is committed to playing with them. Mmm hmm.

So to finish up with Carmen and Chloe, one last thing:

I'm pretty sure I saw this idea via Be Different, Act Normal. We saved our bread ties all month to make special monster ties which Chloe and Carmen attached to treat bags for their friends.  These are my favourites: Red-Headed Girl by Carmen and Green Monster by Chloe.

I fully expected Steven to dress in his football uniform yet again. (Not that I'm complaining or criticizing. I love a low-maintenance Halloween kid!) Instead Steven borrowed glasses and boots from Uncle Bruce, wore his gas station t-shirt from Uncle Kevin, and then with the wig I bought:

Napoleon Dynamite. I think maybe Steven enjoyed putting on the attitude as much as the costume.

Jaclyn got serious enough about Halloween this year to come up with her 'permanent' costume. As in now she has something she can wear forever and she never has to think about it ever again.

She found the striped shirt for $5, and I know you can't really see, but she knit herself a red & white hat. The glasses were the finishing touch for "Where's Waldo". Technically she's just "Waldo" but that doesn't sound quite right, does it?


Jill said...

These are great costumes, especially Pinocchio!

I saw several Napoleon Dynamite's at the elementary school today but they all had "Vote for Pedro" shirts on. That character and costume are hilarious.

Carmen said...

My tage is a guy not a girl. from carmen

Marie said...

Okay, I loved the Pinocchio! The false nose was perfect.

And I am impressed Jaclyn knitted her own hat.

Steven - Dirk dressed as Napoleon Dynamite a couple of years ago, and while he looked great, you have the stance totally down!

Marie said...

Sorry - didn't mean to miss Chloe.

Chloe - you make one rockin' Hermione!