Sunday, 24 October 2010


This year I bought seasons tickets to Storybook Theatre for Carmen, Chloe and I.
Friday night we got spiffed up and went to our first show: Annie.

We arrived early because I've never been to the Pumphouse Theatre before (turns out it was easy to find) and also not long ago Ken and I went downtown for dinner on a Friday night and it took way longer than we thought (turns out Friday nights driving into the city is a popular thing) so I allowed plenty of time to get there. It worked out great because we got to meet Sandy (who's real name was Chloe). She's a labradoodle, and a terrific actress I must say.

The girls really enjoyed the show. Annie was sweet and sassy and loveable (though we liked Molly with her spunky ways a little more). The broadway version of Annie is a little different than the movie with a few musical numbers we hadn't heard before, but they still had 'Hard Knock Life' (my favourite: Molly was hilarious),  'Tomorrow', and 'Together at Last'. The one thing that was really ruining the show for Chloe was Daddy Warbuck's language. He had quite a few *D* words and I think once he dropped the *H* bomb. Chloe filled out a feedback form at intermission and that made her feel much better.

One thing the girls missed out on was intermission treats. Last Sunday while Ken, Steven, Jaclyn and I were at the church for meetings in the evening Carmen and Chloe polished off a pan of Blondies (blond brownies). They knew better, trust me. So no treats for them for two weeks (till the church Trunk or Treat) and all the food in the concession was off limits. I bought them each a water.

After the show we braved the autograph gauntlet where Chloe got to hug Annie (I think Annie was a little surprised). When we got to Miss Haningan Chloe said, "I love you Miss Hannigan." To my surprise she didn't chastize Daddy Warbucks - got it all out on that feedback form I guess.

(The next show is Les Miserables (School Edition), and I just noticed the asterisk & content warning associated with it on the website. I might leave Chloe at home for that one.)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Barb. What a fun idea for you to do with the girls. I love that Chloe was bothered by Daddy Warbucks lines. (Praytell how does she make it through the language on the playground/halls/schoolbus?)

Those pictures are grand.

I need to watch Annie again. I don't remember Mollie.

Marie said...

I haven't let my kids watch Annie. I remember loving it, and I saw it on DVD and bought it, full of excitement to watch it with Aimee. I watched it alone that first night, and the movie got put on the shelf. Daddy Warbucks and Miss Hannigan both had a little language as I found out. Sigh.

Good for Chloe to write up that feedback form!

Jill said...

My kids have seen the movie (which I love and have memorized from my childhood) but we've never seen the play.

It's fun that you got season tickets for the 3 of you. I'll be looking forward to future shows and the reviews from your girls.