Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Facebook: My new source for photos of my own children

(Not the first time I've retrieved 'tagged' pictures of my kids.)

My football photos will never be this good, and not just because I don't have a pass to come out of the stands & down to the field.

Steven is #10

I always miss Steven's tackles with my camera (though I have plenty of pictures of him standing up afterwards).

Forcing opposing running backs out of bounds is worth saving, I think.

Thanks, Facebook!  I think I'll just watch the games from now on.

(Just to be clear:  the football dad who posts these pictures on Facebook does it for this very reason.  I'm not infringing on somebody's copyright.)


Jill said...

What a great thing for that football dad to do! These pictures are fantastic!

Marie said...

Steven looks huge! This is crazy!

lelly said...

great photos! i always "miss" jack's great soccer photo ops by capturing the moments just before or after them.

Lucy said...

Those are such great photos. He looks like a very tough player. I'm glad you'll get to enjoy more of the game! I am always trying to be ready to get "the shot" if Seth happens to do something fantastic so I am constantly looking through the lens. Hasn't happened yet and I'd love to just WATCH the game:)

Amy said...

It's so difficult to get action shots. Those are fantastic!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous shots! So nice that you can focus on the game and not worry like Lucy said about 'that shot'. He looks like a great player!