Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Short to-do list

There was only one thing I wanted to make sure I got done on Wednesday night:  make Rice Crispie treats with Chloe.  She wanted to make them together for treats for school lunches.  She didn't want store-bought, and she didn't want me to make them without her.  It should have been easy - I mean we're talking Rice Crispies.

Right after school Chloe had homework.  While she worked at the island in the kitchen I got set to make biscuits to go with the pot roast in the crock pot.  But then Jaclyn called, and her car wouldn't start and she was supposed to be driving straight from cross country running practise to piano lessons.  So I abandoned the biscuits (toasted whole wheat bread is healthier anyways) and drove Jaclyn to her piano lesson - no time to deal with the car, Ken went back with her later and jumped it.

After supper Carmen made her Grade 6 Government election posters with Photo Booth:

And if she wanted them printed that night (she did) I had to hustle to Staples right away (Ken had hockey) before I picked up Steven from football practise.  Printing went smoothly, and I was on time to pick Steven up (and then some, considering practise went 15 minutes late).

So I got home with Steven at 9pm and found Chloe all curled up on the couch waiting for me.  I decided that even if she was grumpy in the morning (and was she ever) we would stay up and microwave some Rice Crispie treats.  Glad I did, but sheesh!  At 3pm I had thought there was nothing going on that night!


Jill said...

It's so crazy that your afternoon and evening turned out like that! Sometimes when I've been reading in the cozy and I get up to do something I find that I don't return for like 6 hours and then I'm amazed because I had no idea it was going to turn out that way when I got up.

Marie said...

Carter' birthday party is done.
The primary board meeting is done.
Aimee's half birthday is done.
Canning the peaches and pears is done.
Making the jam is done.
Harrison's birthday party is done.

Tonight my only 'to do' on the list was to sit down and read the book club book - something I've been wanting and wanting to get to, but not being able to since I had all those other things to do.

I had a lovely evening.

And, by the way, you totally made the right call to stay up late and make the rice krispies treats.

Carmen - those are the coolest election posters ever! When I ran for student government in grade nine, my campaign was posterboard and sharpie markers.

Janine said...

Those kind of nights (or days) make me really on edge and jumpy. I got nervous just reading that post!

How are you liking A Separate Peace?

Katie A. said...

Yes, don't ever utter the "q" word. You know..."quiet." (Sshhh, I didn't say it out loud!)

I meant to make Rice Crispie treats all summer long when The Boys were here. Never happened. Homemade ones are SO MUCH better than store-bought, I agree.

April said...

Oh this is so the story of my days. I am inspired by your determination to seize the moment with Chloe...even six hours later!

Amanda said...

I am so dreading these days in our future! It sounds like everything ended fine and I'm so glad Chloe got her treats. Toasted wheat bread has saved me from many a stressful roll/biscuit making session.

Carmen's poster are fantastic.