Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Off-label use

Don't try this at home.

(Though I did.)

(Just I'm not recommending this as a dental professional.)

The thing is, I've been unhappy with my natural finger nail colour.  I feel like they're yellow, particularly at the tips where I would like them to be white.  Possibly this is part of how 'keratinized' I am.  My doctor seems to think I eat too many carrots.

(As if there's such thing as too many carrots.)


I don't even eat carrots every day, and when I do they are part of a complete meal, and don't at all dominate my diet.  So I don't know why I'm so orange.  Whatever.

Anyhow, it turns out that when your kids are old enough to do the dishes and you are left to do nothing but wander your own bedroom and en-suite you get into mischief.

I applied some tooth whitening solution under the tips of my nails.  I let it sit for no more than 5 minutes, and my nail tips are bright white.  (Not french manicure white, but noticeably white.)

It's been half an hour and my nails haven't fallen off yet.

(Keeping my fingers crossed.)


Kelly said...

Hilarious professional advice!

I've been a nail biter for 38 years. I find that takes care of the white as well.

Jill said...

My question is, why do you have home tooth whitener in the first place? Isn't that a perk of your job?

Marie said...

I am giggling and giggling!

Maybe you should teach a CE course on alternative therapies!

Christy said...

great idea

Katie A. said...

Hmmm...ingenious! I must say that I am in Kelly's camp of nail-biters. I don't know if my nails would be white or not!

a happy heart blog. said...

Quite the perfect idea Barb! Can't wait until that whole dishes thing is turned over to my four kidlets!

Kelly said...

I think you need to do one of those photo step by step tutorials on this. It could be all the new rage. Of course, if you develop some sort of insidious finger tip disease, we'll all know why.