Thursday, 24 June 2010


Carmen played her soccer semi-finals tonight.  There were two highlights to the game: Carmen when she stole the ball from Adam Walker and he hit the dirt (even his mom cheered for that), and then the phone call I got from Chloe towards the end of the game:

Chloe: Mom???

Me:  Hi hon, what's up?

Chloe:  I think I'm home alone!!!!  I called and called Steven and he's not answering.

Me:  Well maybe he went out, but Jaclyn's home.  Go look for her - she's probably in her room. Then call me back.

(We hang up. Chloe calls again.)

Chloe:  She's not there!!!

Me:  Okay, you're fine.  You can watch a little TV and I'll call Jaclyn on her cell phone and tell her to get home.

Chloe:  Okay. (but she's shaky)

(My call to Jaclyn:)

Me:  Where are you?

Jaclyn:  I'm on a date with Ryan.

Me:  I didn't know you had a date.

Jaclyn:  Well, it was a last minute date.

Me:  Chloe's home alone.  Who left the house first, you or Steven?

Jaclyn:  Steven was still home when I left.

Me:  Alright.

(Can't bring myself to tell her to go home even though Steven doesn't have a cell phone for me to reach him on.)

(Steven calls me from home immediately after I finish with Jaclyn.)

Steven:  Hi-mom-sorry.  I forgot about Chloe and went to Mark's house to fix my bike.

Me:  Uh-huh, well it worked out. Chloe was really fine.

Steven:  So Gage and Mitchell want me to go out on our scooters.

Me:  You can't leave her again!!!

Steven:  If it's okay with Chloe can I just go to where I'm supposed to meet them to tell them I can't go?

Me:  No, this is sort of a big deal.

Steven: Can I just tell them I can't come?

Me:  I guess, if it's okay with Chloe.

I know most large families have a story like this, but I've prided myself on the fact that I've never left a kid behind at a gas station or Blockbuster.  (Darn those big kids for ruining our family record.)

(P.S.  This is so much funnier than the story of irresponsibility my big kids pulled yesterday.  I can't share that one - they'd probably feel betrayed.)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man...with your family's schedule, I'm AMAZED this is the first time. I say your record still stands, the big kids were there, just missing for a minute or two.

Christy said...

hmmm, my curiosity is piqued..... totally wondering about the story of irresponsibility....

Kelly said...

Poor brave little Chloe. I haven't left one yet either but just last week I had a dream I left Quincy (standing on the Capital steps in Washington DC, go figure) and the next morning Mike said he had a dream we left Quincy behind somewhere and then Quincy said she had a dream we left her. Her's might have been the power of suggestion but Mike and I dreaming it on the same night was a little freaky.

Glad Chloe fared ok. Ask your kids if you can tell the irresponsibility story if you change the names to protect the innocent. Ha! I want to know now too! Tell them it's a service project, it always makes us moms feel better to know other families are as real as ours.

Kelly said...

PS Yay Carmen!

Marie said...

Ah! I can feel Chloe's momentary panic. So glad that she kept her cool and gave you a phone call. Good girl!

And I'm loving that Carmen is so aggressive in her soccer. Don't mess with that one!

Lucy said...

I'm with Jane, this shouldn't be a blemish on the perfect record! All emergency procedures were properly activated:)

OIMN said...

That would have freaked Mille right out! Chloe was brave.

I have to admit that I laughed as I read the story. It really is quite humorous:-) KIDS!

Jill said...

This is pretty funny!

Kelly said...

I'm actually a little surprised that Chloe wasn't like "Yes! Home alone at last!"

Glad it all worked out!