Sunday, 7 March 2010

Geni is plural for Genius

Sadly, I'm not one.
But met a couple of them a bar this week. A Genius Bar. The first genius fixed my ipod which I haven't used in a year. The second sold me a 15" Macbook Pro. And now that I'm home I'm keenly aware of my own lack of status as a genius. For instance: I cropped this picture in iphoto, yet I can't find the cropped version to upload to blogger!
So you're stuck with all that wall, when what you're supposed to look at is the new headband I made for a co-worker to wear to her son's wedding. It was made to order: this colour, two large flowers. Chloe thinks I could make a career of it. (Ken tried to explain how many headbands I'd have to make, to which Chloe replied she'd be happy to stay home and help me.)
Feeling rather feeble-minded,



Amy said...

Okay, I want to know how to make those flowers. I'm sorta kinda extremely obsessed with flowers and the thoughts of making them for headbands for the tiniest head in the family. That headband is awesome!

Elizabeth said...

Tag your edited photo so you can find it easier, sorry my only advice. Love the headband!

Marie said...

Another job well done.

And you, dear sister, are not the littlest bit feeble-minded. Mark has always liked to tell me that all the best genes get passed to the first child, and the quality goes down from there, which is why you are a shining star. The smartest, the prettiest, the most musical, the most creative, the most involved, etc, etc, etc.

Jill said...

You are not feeble-minded, your talents just lie elsewhere.

Hilary said...

love your headbands... which tutorial is this one?

Denise said...

You certainly could make a career of it. Or at least put a few on Etsy. I'd buy one!

The way I see it, creative geniuses such as yourself can't be expected to also be technical geniuses. Embrace your talents, woman!

I really do love the headband.

Kelly said...

You're not feeble minded -- there's just a touch of a learning curve with anything new. You'll be a pro in no time. Hope you're loving it, and all that laptop freedom!

michelle said...

I'm a little obsessed with learning to make flowers right now, too!

When I crop a photo, I usually rename it. When you do "save as", pay attention to what folder it is being saved to, and change it if necessary.