Friday, 26 February 2010

Altrusim Aside

After all, there was more to the birthday celebration than sweet gift requests.
Like the food, of course. Carmen asked for french toast for breakfast, which Jaclyn was thrilled with (I don't make it often), and Steven opted out of (the reason I don't make it often). For lunch Carmen wanted poutine. She'd had a single fry from a friend once, but how that was enough to know that it was what she wanted for her birthday lunch, I don't know. This escalated the birthday lunch request to a new level, because it meant I bought fast food and brought it to the school, which I haven't ever done before. I felt like a real hero walking through the hall of the school with the other 5th graders calling to me and remarking on how lucky Carmen was. At dinner time Carmen wanted to go out for sushi, and when you like attention on your birthday there is no better place to go than Kinjo. The owner has a big personality which makes any dinner there an *event*, but with the 3 song serenade, free dragon sushi, fruit art, and Pocky sticks you know you had a birthday.

Carmen had me make Aunt Kelly's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake recipe. It was beautiful and delicious and way too much dessert for our family, so she is taking the rest of it to her class today. Wait, what's that I see glinting on Carmen's ear? Do I detect an earring?
Oh, yes. A privilege that comes with age 11 in our house.

And one that couldn't possibly wait until Carmen was 11 years and a day. So we headed to the mall after school with Chloe and our carpool friend, Tristen.
Nervous, but not nervous enough to call it off. Claire Bear (sitting on Carmen's lap) has her ears pierced - how bad can it be?
Beautiful! Chloe couldn't get over the change. She kept saying, "You look so different!" And then when we were in line to pay she told Carmen, "You could be a model now!"
Tristen's dad met us at the mall just after we were done, and in the blink of an eye Tristen convinced her dad that she could get her own ears pierced that day, so we stayed for Tristen's big moment as well. I got some sweet pictures of her dad pouring over the earring choices, but they're not for me to share over the web. I might give copies to his scouts though - hee!
I dropped my girls home, and made it to the last quarter of Steven's divisional play-off's basketball game. Like I said, the earrings couldn't wait a day. Especially not for basketball.


Kelly said...

That sounds like a most happy birthday. Must get my hands on some Poutine! And I love Chloe's adoration.

So you have to have a password to get to the cake recipe, if you are ever at a loss for post topics, feel free to share the recipe!

Barb said...

You're right. I changed the link from (Aunt) Kelly's blog to Smitten Kitchen. Same recipe, so there you go!

Jill said...

That cake looks so amazing, like a gift itself!

How exciting that she got her ears pierced for her birthday!

Natalie said...

What a big day! The earrings are almost as pretty as the girl wearing them.

Before you know it, Chloe will be counting down the days until she gets her ears pierced too!

(I find it funny that Tristen's Dad was so easily convinced, since in our house Dad was the big hold up.)

Marie said...

Okay, I thought Tristen was a boy the whole time, and then I was like, "Why is this Dad so keen to get his 11-year-old son's ears pierced?" Then the light dawned.

It does sound like a wonderful day. When is the Yoga party?

lelly said...

oh my gosh, i clearly remember "suffering" through those last few days until i was old enough to get my ears pierced. back then, it was done at the hair salon and was a B.I.G. deal. thanks for bringing back that sweet memory :)

lelly said...
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cheetah said...

I don't know what i'll do when Mille starts requesting her aunts' cakes! That looks amazing and those Gr.5's were in HEAVEN I am sure.

Ah, earrings were so much fun. She doesn't look a bit scared. And I love the story of Tristan's dad. Totally fits in with my memories of him.

Marissa said...

i got the exact same earrings when i got mine done.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Loving the cake! Sounds like a great bday - fun that you were the hero with fast food at school! So fun!

Kelly said...

I'm so behind on your blog, and I've missed such fun posts. I am loving Chloe's comments over the earrings. For some reason it's weirding me out that she's 11. She and Avery should just be 8 or 9. Sometimes those age things just hit you more than others.

Glad you liked the cake. And yes, since you can only eat a slice about 1/4 inch thick, it goes a long long way. Good idea to send it to school.

michelle said...

I must make that cake!!

I love the way your kids know just what they want to eat on their birthdays.

Getting your ears pierced is a big milestone for sure.