Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Last weekend Steven had an out-of-town basketball tournament taking both he and Ken out of the house Friday night and Saturday. It was the perfect opportunity for some girl time.
We watched Little Women and got creative.

This flower headband is a satin covered headband from Goody with an organza flower. Tutorial here. The only changes I made to the tutorial was that I liked the base flower to be the same size as the first layer of folded flowers so I eliminated the first size on the template and cut 5, 4, and 2 from largest to smallest of the remaining sizes.

Jaclyn liked the one I made for Carmen, but chose her flower to be a little smaller so I made a new template for the smallest size (cut 2) and started the whole thing one size smaller (eliminated the largest 2 sizes in the Design Sponge template.) Jaclyn's flower is made from a satin fabric backed with crepe.

Chloe really wanted a headband like the one I bought myself at Anthropologie in Arizona. I found a tutorial for tattered roses and as per usual made my own adjustments. First of all, to duplicate my headband I sewed right sides together and turned the fabric inside-out for a 'finished' flower (rather than tattered). I cut my fabric strip 2" wide and sewed only 1/8" seams.

After I'd done 3 roses I hand sewed them onto a satin headband and then backed them with black felt, just like mine. Only for $4 instead of the $27 I paid at Anthropologie. What can I say, I was working hard to catch up to Ken on the shopping (I didn't succeed).
Both of the headband flowers were a little tricky, but the last fabric flowers were kid-craft friendly:

I found this awesome tutorial here that reminded me of the poppy hair pin I bought on Etsy a couple of years ago.

At that point Chloe had gone to a friend's house (all day Saturday) and Jaclyn had abandoned the sewing machine (she's making an apron) for studying so it was just Carmen and I. Carmen especially enjoyed playing with fire to make these flowers and we're considering it as a craft for her birthday party. (Maybe.)
Sunday all the girls (me to!) went to church with flowers in their hair.
We looked smashing.


Kelly said...

I can't believe how much Chloe's looks like the one you bought at Anthropologie! Good work!

Tiffany said...

Lovely job!

a happy heart blog. said...

THose are so cute!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'll bet you did look smashing.

You have an incredible to see, learn and do.

michelle said...

So cute! The one you bought at Anthro looks like one I saw at H&M. I didn't buy it the first time, then regretted it, and then it was gone. I may have to make some for Eva and me!

Katie A. said...

I bet you did look smashing! I love the headband with the three smaller flowers. Very cool craft idea.

Katie A. said...
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Katie A. said...

For some reason my comments keep posting multiple times on your blog. I need to be more patient with this computer...or maybe it should be faster to accomodate me!

Natalie said...

And... another project for me to copycat. I've been thinking Whitney needs some flowers for her hair! So pretty.

April said...

I've been coveting the Anthro one ever since I passed it up...now the only question, can I be as clever as Barb and make my own? Doubtful.

Marie said...

I really liked the roses headband. Beautiful. Way to go making your own.

I've looked at the anthropologie website several times and always find something beautiful. I just haven't found the combination of beautiful and budget-approved. Sigh.

Jenny said...

These are so popular right now with all the girls. I saw one made from a zipper recently.

Amanda said...


I bought some at Old Navy of all places on clearance and Posey and I just share them.

What a fun mother/daughter night!