Saturday, 16 January 2010

Division of Labor

Marie and Dirk came up on Friday night - they had tickets to Fiddler on the Roof here in Calgary so they dropped their kids off at our house to play while they went out and then their whole family slept over.
It was almost no work at all on my part:
Earlier in the evening Chloe watched Harrison,

and Carmen looked after every one else.
Once bedtime hit I took over from Chloe and Ken took over from Carmen. (Chloe and I know how to tip the scales in our favor.) (Oh, and I should mention that when it came right down to it Jaclyn was the only big person Maxwell would settle with in the absence of his mom and dad.)
Ah, staying up with a baby, watching Dave . . . it took me back about 16 years.
Ken had plotted all sorts of corruptions against the niece and nephews (particularly Carter who Ken thought it would be fun to add to his vocabulary). In the end it was Harrison in front of late night television, but hey, it didn't hurt Jaclyn. Harrison's probably going to be fine.


lelly said...

i love cousin time!

i remember being a young babysitter, and taking advice from someone a bit older who said that she watched SNL to stay awake late at night.

i always tried that trick. and it never worked. i was invariably asleep on the sofa when the parents came home!

Kelly said...

Lucky you and Chloe! Makes me wish we lived close. Cute to see the kids all lined up on the couch.

cheetah said...

It should have been easy for Ken since the older 3 should have been in bed. Max is particular.

April said...

Whenever someone asks me to babysit I always check first to see if Olivia and Savannah are going to be around. I love having almost no work at all.

Marie said...

Thanks again! The kids had so much fun on their "cousin sleepover." But they think they should have had three nights like at Mark's house instead of just one. I'm sure Ken was happy it was only one!

Katie A. said...

Hmm...can't wait to hear Marie's post about Harrison's first word! Sounds like some fun cousin time.

michelle said...

Entertaining kids definitely sounds like more fun with a division of labor like that! Nice teamwork.