Saturday, 18 April 2009

Law Day

I wasn't completely confident when I wrestled Jaclyn out of bed this morning and twisted Steven's arm that it was going to be fun. Law Day, that is.

Which is probably why I let the kids talk me into taking the train downtown instead of driving - I was worried Law Day would be a bust, but I knew at least the travel time could be entertaining. So I spent $13.50 in transit fare there and back rather than park downtown at the weekend rate of $2.00.

But it was fun! Getting handcuffed by the courthouse sheriff (Sheriff Linda and I went to high school together - what are the chances?)

Chloe consulted with her lawyer, Steven.

The prison transfer vans were a tight fit for little girls, I can't imagine some big burly guy in there.

My Lord, Carmen: Queen's Bench Judge.
We are so terribly polluted by American television. I did know before we attended the mock trial today that lawyers as well as judges in Canada wear robes. I didn't know we address the judge as 'My Lord' rather than 'Your Honor' or that the opposing lawyers refer to each other as 'Friend' in court as a reminder that though the are arguing opposite sides, they are not enemies.

Just as we were leaving we got the chance to meet a money-sniffing police dog. I know he's good because he showed absolutely no interest in sniffing my bag whatsoever.


Christy said...

Well who knew? How do you find out about these fun 'field trip' ideas?? And I'm with you - who knew that it's NOT 'your honor'. Hmmmm, you learn something new every day. I'm sure my kids would have enjoyed this far more than reorganizing the basement.

Kelly said...

Now this is not something I would have geared up for (I instead spent the day square dancing at a cello workshop.), but it looks like it was fun.

I love Chloe's face in the handcuff photo.

I wonder if the term "Friend" between Canadian lawyers is always used in a truly friendly tone. I can see it wearing some thick sarcasm at times.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ahhhhh, what a fun field trip. I think it's quite a good sign you didn't know those two little facts...!

You do some of the most creative field trips with your kids. Good. For. You. Friend.

Mandy said...

I love these pictures. Chloe looks like she is taking the handcuffing very seriously!

How interesting that attorney's address each other as "friend."

Janine said...

I've seen the sign for law day every year, and I've never, ever even thought of going. I think we will next year. Thanks.

melanie said...

That transfer van is a tight fit. An adult version of sardines maybe?

That money sniffing dog would go to sleep around my bad, ha. Your comment cracked me up.

And I completely agree, you do take fun field trips with your kids even when you're not sure of what the outcome will be. You have some lucky kids.

Tiffany said...

I love your trip. Judge Carmen certainly looks right at home!

Marissa said...

looks like funn. and yes way funner than organizing basements.

Marie said...

Our Law Day is this Saturday but we have to miss it because we are going up to Edmonton. Why are fun things always scheduled together?

It does look like fun. Hopefully we'll get our chance next year.

A Happy Heart Blog said...

I never heard of Law day, but I certainly hope will look it up here next year. Jaclyn's face is priceless when she's being handcuffed! And it can be such a fun adventure to take the train! So glad it was fuN!

Jill said...

I've never had an outing like that one before, how fun for the kids.

Lucy said...

What an interesting day. Peculiar even. The American system should do something similar because we are pretty polluted with American television too:)

michelle said...

What a great idea! The photo of Chloe getting handcuffed is delightful.