Friday, 17 April 2009

Five for Friday

1. I've bought weird facial tissue twice in a row. The first time I bought patterned tissue (accidentally) which everyone seemed to find mildly disturbing. I didn't like it either. I made sure that I bought plain white tissue the next time, but still, I did not pay enough attention to the packaging.

I bought Puffs plus lotion plus Vicks. When you put it up to your nose it clears your sinuses as you breath in. This might be an appreciated action if we were sick with head colds, but we're not. I didn't even realize I'd bought medicated tissue until Ken went to use one for the first time. Let me just say that Puffs plus Vicks would make a terrific April Fool's joke.

2. We survived a ward boundary change last Sunday. A new ward was created which our ward significantly contributed membership to, including much of our leadership. I fared well, losing only 2 YW board members, but it was difficult to lose some of my girls. As an apparent ripple effect, Ken found out on Wednesday night that he is being released as High Priest group first assistant ,which is making me think I might know who the new Relief Society President (or maybe one of the counsellors?) is.

3. Ken is a casualty of the ward shake-up, but thankfully not a casualty of the latest work-related shake-up. The COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Ken's company was fired late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. This change will have Ken working longer hours through the weekend and next week. I have no idea of what it will mean long term.
4. I imported a new hair dryer from Target via Kelly and my parents. Hillary (private blog, not gonna hyperlink it) blogged about it and the spiral curling attachment, so I thought I'd give it a try.

It's working for me! I'm using a curl enhancing hair product on my wet hair first, and then when the spiral *dreadlocks* are all done I'm leaving them for an hour to let the curl set before I comb my fingers through. Chloe wants to try it out this Sunday.
5. A hygienist from my office is moving to Ontario to live closer to her family and I took on the job of buying her a group farewell gift. We collected $140 which was enough to buy her some accessories to match her Coach purse. After I bought the gifts I paraded my Coach shopping bag around the mall for an hour looking for a new jacket for Steven, and didn't get a single look from anyone. (Unlike walking down the mall after buying 24 gold helium balloons for New Beginnings. I was a super star with the balloons.)


Marie said...

I so want to try out the hair curling blow dryer!

Medicated tissues sound disturbing.

Sorry we missed you guys while you were down. That was too bad. Probably better for you though, since Dad has caught our illness now.

Anonymous said...

The curl looks great! I would love to try our the curling blow dryer on my naturally curly hair.

Tissures are abit disturbing to say the least. Need to make a mental note that if we need a white elephant gift ever that is what we should get.

cheetah said...

That curling thing is amazing!!

I've been wondering about boundary changes. How small is your ward now?

Marissa said...

i love the vick's tissues...haha

Kelly said...

Hmm, I've never bought Vicks tissues, but I have accidentally bought the lotion-infused kind and discovered it by wiping down my eyeglasses with them. Gross!

Our ward needs a boundary change so badly, it's not even amusing any more -- just frustrating. Glad Ken was a ward casualty, but not a work victim!

My hair is too short for the curling dryer. I didn't think it was bad, but each member of my family got the giggles when they saw me. And then Phoebe just came right out and told me I had crazy hair. Yours looks great, though!

Jill said...

Those tissues would be highly disturbing to me if I wasn't sick, and possibly disturbing if I was.

Oh my goodness about the boundary change and possible callings!

I haven't spent an hour on my hair since high school, I can't imagine being able to create such cute hair. I've lost any skills I once had.

Tiffany said...

I was remembering the other day about all the colors tissues used to come in. I guess--except the ones you've found--most everything's gone basic white. Vicks would be a shock!

Love the hair! My girls would love that!

Aha! Balloons top most other things--it's amazing how much joy a child can get out of a balloon. :)

Elizabeth said...

OOh I need to try that attachment. I might actually buy my first blow dryer.

Hilary said...

Your hair looks cute! Yay! I still need to try it on Gracie... I think it would be so cute on hers.

I love your random posts.