Monday, 23 March 2009

Still Snowing

Snowshoeing @ Scout Camp
Steven got yelled at by his Scouter last week. I figure that has to be some sort of important coming-of-age experience, or at least one shared by all boys who have ever been scouts. A few days later at winter camp the leader apologized to Steven (and each of the other boys all individually), which may or may not have been necessary. I don't know. The scouter has been trying to talk to me about it and I am avoiding him. Let's not bring mom into this one, okay?
The day after winter camp we got a foot of snow, which would have made for a very different winter camp if it had come any earlier.
For Steven, snow is money. He's got a contract shoveling for a 7-unit condo building. At this time of year he's a little sick of the work, but every time it snows I cheer inside because Steven is saving up for a school trip that is happening next year and every dollar he earns from someone else is a dollar he doesn't earn from me. Steve has to pay for half the cost of the trip, but the truth is he has to earn the full amount of the trip ($1200) because 10% of his earnings go to tithing and 40% of his earnings go to savings. Saving for the school trip and searching out more opportunities for work is doing good things for Steven's mission fund.
Having said that, hopefully it won't snow for the next 2 days because Steven is away at band festival and the last time Steven was away (band camp) Ken was compelled to go shovel in Steven's place before he caught the corporate jet to Denver.
(which felt slightly wrong)
(at least to Ken)


Anonymous said...

Excieted to see that your reading Star girl. I love this book!

I am with you, "leave mom out of it" teachs them to work things out for them selves.

Have a great day!

Natalie said...

I'll see what I can do about sending any Montreal snow out your way, for Steven's sake of course! ;)

Jill said...

I'm concerned about him getting yelled at, but am glad the leader apologized and is looking to apologize to you as well. I hope it didn't put Steven off Scouts too much.

Wow, $1200 is a ton of money to earn!

cheetah said...

Wow. Good for Steven and his condo job.
He'll have to tell me all about his trip next week.

melanie said...

Just yesterday I heard that usually there is one incident of yelling from a ym's scouter. Hopefully this is the only one. Who knew, scouts is so foreign to me. But with 3 boys, I'll be learning soon enough.

A foot of snow this time of year is not right!

Marie said...

Where on earth are they going that they have to pay $1200?

Apparently, I cannot afford for my kids to grow up.

Tiffany said...

Snow is money--sounds like a better deal than babysitting. That is quite a lofty earning goal. Good for him! (And good for dad for playing backup as needed!)

April said...

When I read "still snowing" my brain fumbles around awhile wondering what that must be like. I guess I should "count my many orange blossoms." Name them one by one.

I am impressed with nothing so much as a mother who teaches her kids the value of work. Your boy (and his wife) are very lucky indeed.

Lucy said...

I like Steven's goals and the plan to get him there. That's a lot of work but the experience of getting there will no doubt be as valuable as the actual going. Awesome job.

michelle said...

I'm impressed that he's working so hard and saving up for his trip! (and his mission)