Thursday, 19 March 2009

Some things skip a generation

/Like hair color, temperament, and (hopefully) family history work.

Grandma came over on Sunday and taught Jaclyn and Steven how to work within the Family Search website. Working together, they came away with 4 names to take on the next youth temple trip. Thanks Grandma!


Marie said...

Good for them! I've never found a single name. Shame on me.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a great title and all it insinuates.

Hooray for Steven and Jaclyn. It is exciting to do your "own" names.

michelle said...

I have zero aptitude and little more interest in doing family history work. My neighbor is trying to get me into indexing, which I think I could maybe enjoy. Good for Grandma and for your kids! It is especially meaningful when you take your own names to the temple.

I love that video message.

melanie said...

I hear the new program really is workable and interesting. But even that hasn't gotten me started. Way to go Steven, Jaclyn and Grandma.

cheetah said...

Oh, I could use the help but I guess i'll find a gramma up here. I loved that they learned it.

Jill said...

How funny to think of things that skip a generation. Maybe the secret is teaching them early like this, that's pretty cool.

Terry said...

That must be so exciting for your kids! Maybe the trick is to catch them young like Jill said.

Loved that video.

I started indexing..which I like and I feel that I'm doing something to help with family history work, even if I'm not doing my own.

Anonymous said...

Was just talking with my hubby about getting our children involved in family history. How wonderful for them to have some names to take with them.

A Happy Heart Blog said...

That is so great Barb - I love that you are making it possible for your kids to know about geneology and that you have the perfect teacher! How are you? I haven't seen you around in awhile - hope you are well. I hope that my url address hasn't mixed you up -I'm over at and the private blog is the she-called-me, but I rarely post their! Anyways, take care and hope you are well!