Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Mostly Pictures

{Because I am too tired for words}
{Because it was a beautiful, but early, morning}
{Because it is Tuesday}
{Because the fish in this canal needed rescuing}

{Because Steven could get a scout badge out of it}

{Because I don't want you to think all the fish were little}
{Because this was the only way I could crop the friend and publish Steven}


Elizabeth said...

This is always a great place for pictures and words.
Love your creative crop.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

{Because you are such a creative blogger, I love to see what you'll post next.}

Kelly said...

I'm with Jane, your blog is always such a treat.

The fish thing is a little weird and comical to me. What about that one little fish who was goofing around on the other side of the canal and got left behind? Sniff, sniff.

It looks cold in the pictures...what's cold?

Tiffany said...

You always have such an interesting variety in your life. Love the pictures!

Jill said...

Your self-portrait is lovely, as are the rest of the photos.

April said...

Yes, I too noticed the jacket and long sleeves...is it really cold? I can't remember what that feels like.

I could read (or watch) you anytime, about anything. So there.

melanie said...

You are a fabulous blogger, I love your posts! Great crop keeping Steven!

Barb said...

No! It's not cold, it was a beautiful day! Just a little chilly first thing in the morning, but a high of 24C or like 75F.

cheetah said...

So fun. And it has been beautiful outside. Just beautiful!

Michelle @ A Happy Heart said...

I would imagine you would be too tired. What an excellent scout badge! Thanks for sharing and good work!

michelle said...

What a great mom you are!

Kelly said...

Good to know it's not cold yet -- for some reason you looked crisply chilled in your picture -- in a pretty way.

I think you're amazing. There's no way I would be getting up early to rescue fish. Badge or no.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Rescuing fish! I love it!
You are a great read for sure!

Amanda L. said...

Dedicated photojournalism.

I've been thinking about you...how exciting to have a Temple!

Amanda L. said...

P.S. You take the best self portraits.

Could you please teach me? Or just take mine?

Jenny said...

Way to go Steven. I actually have only gutted a fish once. It was quite the experience.

Katie A. said...

Looks like an interesting day for sure! I love the early morning picture--beautiful. And your self-portrait is very cute. It does look cold, though!